Jeffree Star, How the Mighty Have Fallen!

Jeffree Star has not had the easiest 2021, most recently he was in a car accident that almost claimed his life and the life of his friend, it did end up breaking his spine, but fortunately, he’s on the mend. However, in true Regina George fashion it looks like he may have seen the error of his ways and has gone back to his roots, reviewing make-up on his channel.

This one had a bit more of an old-school Jeffree, retro feel to it because he literally couldn’t do much. In fact at one point he was in too much pain to hold up a mirror, which did make us all wince in sympathy. Ouch.

How the mighty have fallen.

However, what we couldn’t help but notice is that instead of coming back and reviewing a luxury brand, Jeffree literally came back and reviewed a wal-mart pallette. Yup, that’s right, Jeffree Star reviewed a wal-mart, spongebob themed pallette. Now, he’s done lower-end palletes in the past, but this one was especially interesting because it came directly after his accident.

One wonders if maybe Jeffree can now relate a little bit more to the rest of us who’ve had health crisises and gone into debt. What kind of health insurance do Beauty Gurus worth $40M have anyway? They don’t ever advertise, so inquiring minds would like to know.

He said that he’s always loved spongebob so he jumped at the chance to review the make-up, but he also wanted to review his competition because at one point he talked to both Nickelodeon and viacom about doing a Spongebob make-up collab for Jeffree Star cosmetics!

However, it seems that he actually got there too late because they’d already beaten him to the punch and given the licensing to someone else – a compant called hipdot. Jeffree said that he had wanted to be first and since he couldn’t, that it why the Jeffree Star and Spongebob collab didn’t happen, but not to worry, you can now get it at walmart and other fine make-up retailers.

Although, since he’s spoken so highly of them in the past, I’m amazed that Jeffree didn’t get his palette and TJ Maxx. Stay tuned!!!

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