Jeffree Star Welcomed in Casper, Wyoming, Where He Donates to Locals

  • Jeffree Star is splitting his time between LA and Casper, Wyoming, where he’s taken residence.
  • His new neighbors told the Casper Star-Tribune that Star has donated generously to locals.
  • A local radio DJ, who is Black, said he knew about Star’s racist past, but found him friendly.

Jeffree Star appears to have made a smooth landing into his new rural lifestyle.

The controversial makeup mogul said he was permanently moving to Casper, Wyoming, a city of 58,000, in June. He has since acquired a yak farm (it’s closed to the public) and started selling marijuana-themed clothing and accessories out of a newly opened distribution center in the state, which also has no personal income tax.

While Star put his flashy $20 million LA mansion on the market, he hasn’t stopped wearing head-to-toe designer outlets, driving luxury cars, or embracing his androgynous appearance in front of his new neighbors.

Star, a mega-famous beauty YouTuber and entrepreneur, made the move months after an October 2020 Insider investigation unearthed sexual assault allegations against Star, who has also faced backlash for racist comments in the past.

Despite his embattled public image, generous charitable donations and community support have made Star a welcome resident, according to a report from the Casper Star-Tribune, the city’s largest outlet.

“It was what I would call the normal Wyoming welcome, which is not warm, especially for people from different walks of life,” local radio personality Shawn Jackson, who also goes by DJ Nyke, told the Star-Tribune. “People were like, ‘Don’t bring that crap here.’ Then he donated to a couple of charities, and they’re like, ‘Oh, that’s cool.'”

Star has made friends in the local media scene

Jackson has covered Star extensively for 104.7 KISS FM (it’s not affiliated with iHeartRadio, like many KISS FM stations are). The host, who is Black, told the Star-Tribune that he was “hesitant” of Star at first because of his old racist posts. But since then, Jackson has been the only local reporter with who Star keeps in touch, the Star-Tribune reported.

Jackson told the paper that Star alerts him about newsworthy posts and videos he’s planning.

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“Honestly, even before we ever talked or hung out, he never came across racist or anything like that to me,” Jackson said. “I’m always going to go off how somebody treats me personally, and I’ve never had anything happen with him.”

So far, Jackson has written 22 posts about Star for the news station’s website, starting when Star first said he would move to Wyoming to write an autobiography in August 2020.

On December 9, 2020, Insider reported that Jackson conducted a rare interview with Star at the station about his $25,000 charitable donation to a local winter toy drive.

The interview was conducted the week Insider published documents that purported to show a Jeffree Star Cosmetics executive paying $45,000 to one of Star’s sexual assault accusers.

But Jackson said he doesn’t think Star’s Wyoming press tour was related to those stories.

Star has promoted local businesses

Local leaders told the Star-Tribune that they’ve accepted donations from Star, but considered his controversies in the process. This coming weekend, Star’s cosmetics company is co-sponsoring a symphonic concert in the park for Casper residents. 

“If somebody is trying to participate in the community, and in the arts community and has injected money into our community, we will give them a fair shot,” the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra’s executive director told the Star-Tribune. “We want to encourage Jeffree to continue to spend money in the community.”

Another local non-profit director told the paper that accepting money from Star doesn’t mean he can’t be held accountable for his past actions.

Jeffree Star at RuPaul’s DragCon in Los Angeles on April 30, 2017.

Photo by Santiago Felipe/FilmMagic

Star has also given social media shoutouts to members of the Casper community since moving into his $1.1 million ranch. He’s featured local artists and craftsmen, recorded himself going to local restaurants, and even bought yaks from nearby yak farmers for the Star Yak Ranch.

On Monday, Star posted an Instagram story advertising the event his company is co-sponsoring. He said that he and some of his employees would be attending and giving out the influencer’s cowboy-themed “Star Ranch” mini eyeshadow palette. 

“Of course it’s inspired by my move and love for Wyoming,” Star said. “Support local businesses, you guys.”

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