Jennifer Coolidge says she’d love to play Melania Trump

Jennifer Coolidge is ready for her next role.

The “White Lotus” actress said she would be up to playing former first lady Melania Trump. In a new interview with The Guardian, Coolidge revealed her thoughts on playing the former model in a biopic after Twitter noticed many similarities between the two women.

“What a compliment. Where do I sign?” Coolidge, 59, quipped. “Between you and I, though, I’m sure Melania would be bummed.”

When the “A Cinderella Story” star was asked what other projects she wanted to do, she said, “I’d love to go back to theater and do a serious play. And then the Melania biopic, of course.”

A clip of Trump, 51, during a 2018 interview — in which she sported blonde hair — went viral because it was reminiscent of Coolidge’s signature ‘do.

Twitter users couldn’t help but notice their similarities.

“Melania looks EXACTLY like that one girl in grade school that owned a pool that was heavily chlorinated and she spent so much time swimming in it that her hair turned green and you laughed about her ugly nasty green chlorine hair behind her back,” one user wrote. “Melania Trump looks like she’s doing Jennifer Coolidge cosplay!”

“What a compliment. Where do I sign?” Coolidge said about the possible role.
NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Another chimed in, “I think Jennifer Coolidge could play a great role of Melania Trump lol!!!” while one user joked, “I can’t believe they cast Jennifer Coolidge as the new Melania!” Another added, “Can’t wait to see Jennifer Coolidge in the role she was born to play: Melania,” while a similar commenter wrote, “Jennifer Coolidge is the only actor who can play Melania Trump…”

“Comedy Central pitch: #JenniferCoolidge as Melania, in witness protection, working at a Kohl’s. (No disrespect to Kohl’s. Or #Melania. But come on, Jennifer Coolidge! It practically writes itself.),” a user tweeted, while another sly observer offered, “I would love to see Jennifer Coolidge play one of Melania’s stand-ins.”

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