‘Jeopardy!’ to Reportedly Feature Another Host Alongside Mike Richards

When Jeopardy! Returns next season, it will reportedly have two hosts — Mike Richards and Mayim Bialik. Earlier reports indicated that executive producer Richards would host the show himself, though other hosts were still under consideration. However, on Wednesday, The Daily Beast reported that Richards and Bialik would be co-hosting instead.

Sources close to the production say that the new format will be announced and explained soon, but it has not been officially confirmed so far. Sony Pictures Television will reportedly choose Richards to host’s daily syndicated version, while Bialik will be on call for special installments, including primetime events and spinoff shows. Richards was one of the first guest hosts to take over this season after the death of long-time host Alex Trebek, while Bialik had a guest-hosting stint over the summer.

Official representatives of Sony Pictures Television declined to comment on reports about this new plan, though it’s worth noting that they outright denied the reports about Richards last week. Producers have been saying all season that they will announce the permanent replacement for Trebek after a full season of celebrity guest hosts is over. Many fans had hoped to see a more high-profile guest get the job, including Bialik, LeVar Burton, or Aaron Rodgers.

Richards has had a few on-camera jobs before, including hosting Beauty and the Geek. However, most of his work has been behind the camera as a producer or executive producer. Last week, old allegations resurfaced from models who said that they experienced discrimination on The Price is Right set while Richards was an executive producer there.

Richards responded in a memo sent to the Jeopardy! Staff and some reporters. It read: “These were allegations made in employment disputes against the show. I want you all to know that how my comments and actions have been characterized in these complaints does not reflect the reality of who I am or how we worked together on The Price Is Right.”

Richards was reportedly chosen by Sony executives who prefer his “easy on-air manner” to other candidates. Producers also reportedly wanted the new host to leave behind whatever job they hold currently, which might have made some of the more famous guest hosts harder to lockdown. So far, the company has not made an official announcement about next season’s new host. Jeopardy! Airs on weeknights at 7 p.m. ET.

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