Jeremy Roloff Dragged For SHOCKING Statement In Resurfaced Video

Little People, Big World fans have long enjoyed watching Jeremy Roloff and the rest of the family on TLC. A few years ago, though, Jeremy and his wife Audrey opted out of the show and are now focusing on their kids and their businesses.

Sometimes, fans like to go back and watch older episodes of the show. In those older episodes, fans can see Jeremy, Jacob, and Molly Roloff. All three of them left the show. Zach and Tori Roloff, as well as their two kids, Jackson and Lilah, are still on the show with Matt and Amy and their significant others.

One fan was watching an older episode of LPBW and found a clip of “Jeremy being the absolute worst.” Now, he’s taking the heat for how he treated his family in the episode.

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Jeremy Roloff is SLAMMED by Little People, Big World fans.

On Reddit, a LPBW fan posted a two-minute-long clip from an episode of the show. In the clip, Matt is talking to Jeremy and Zach about the work that needs to be done at the farm and the home. When Amy entered the room, Jeremy began talking back to her. Then, Jeremy said to his mom, “You need to help out in the kitchen.”

Later in the clip, Amy says that it’s not her job to look after her 20-year-old son and that he should have a job and begin planning for the future.

One user writes, “Jeremy is a spoiled, entitled, undisciplined, lazy man baby.”

Then, they continue, “The larger discussion seems to be about selling the farm because Amy and Matt don’t want to take care of it anymore. Jeremy seems to make the case that they should keep the farm for the twins to take over. Matt responds that the twins haven’t worked hard enough to demonstrate the barest ability to manage the farm. Then Amy joins the conversation, and that’s when Jeremy makes his comment.”

Other users chime in, calling him “terrible” and “disrespectful.” One says they would have kicked him out if he was their son.

Someone else reflects on another older clip of Jeremy. The Reddit user writes, “I remember when he was a teenager and the family went on vacation to the beach. They asked Jeremy to unpack the car, and he started b*tching to the camera that he always gets stuck carrying all the stuff. Well…would you rather be four feet tall, Jeremy?”

Here it is guys…… Jeremy being the absolute worst! from LittlePeopleBigWorld

Of course, it’s totally possible that Jeremy has grown up now and doesn’t act this way. He is no longer on the show, so fans can only keep up with him on social media. He and his wife Audrey share frequent posts on Instagram, featuring their kids and their business ventures.

So, what do you think of the video of Jeremy Roloff? Do you remember watching this episode? Let us know in the comments.

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