Jess Walton’s Husband Succumbs To Cancer

Tragic news for Young and the Restless fans as Jess Walton shares her husband John has succumbed to his battle with cancer. The soap star took to Instagram hours ago to share a beautiful family photo with her 49,000 followers. Unfortunately, the sweet family photo came with some saddening news. Her husband of 40 years has passed away.

The Young and the Restless star’s husband was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer just three months prior.

Young & Restless: Jess Walton pens beautiful farewell to her husband, John

It was just hours ago that Jess Walton dropped this Y&R breaking news on fans. In her sweet tribute and social media farewell to her husband, she shared details of the end of his life with fans.

“Since that time, with weekly visits from hospice, my daughter Allison, her new husband Wade, our son Cole and I have been caring for John at home.” So she penned as she explained what his past few weeks were like.

Jess Walton admits losing her husband is easily one of the most painful moments in her life — and their son Cole.

Jess Walton Instagram
Jess Walton Instagram

As she continued to write, she discussed what type of man her husband was. Jess reveals that her husband was a very kind and caring man. A man who was always interested in taking care of other people. So, part of his last few weeks before his death was also rewarding to Jess. It allowed her and her family to give back just a little of the love and nurturing he had given them over the years.

Because John James has spent his entire life helping others, And most especially taking care of us, his family. For us to be able to devote ourselves to him in his home with all that entails, and give him love and care and comfort from the people he loves the most, was our honor.”

Her husband leaves behind a great gift for those that are grieving

The Young and Restless star brings her tribute to a close-by discussing the “greatest gift” her husband left in passing. She tagged an Instagram account called The Grief Recovery Method and explained it was her husband’s founded. She continued to explain that one day their son Cole would run the company his father founded.

She concluded: “That gift will guide all of us through the daily heartbreak of living without him.”

Young and the Restless Jess Walton Instagram
Jess Walton Instagram

As viewers know, Jess Walton has played Jill Abbott on the Young and the Restless for 34 years. So, Y&R fans everywhere are deeply saddened to learn of her husband’s passing. Hundreds of Young and Restless viewers poured into the comments to offer their condolences and prayers to Jess Walton, their son Cole, and their family during this difficult time.

Our thoughts are with Jess Walton and her family at this time. May her husband rest in peace.

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