Jill And Derick Dillard Would DISOWN Their Kids If They Came Out

While Jill and Derick Dillard are said to have pulled away from the Duggar clan in some ways, it appears their belief system still lines up with the ultra-conservative family in others. Earlier this week, a Reddit post seemed to shed light on how Jill and Derick view the issue of homosexuality.

The Reddit user, herbal lesbian tea mentioned they had seen a post where the couple put a link to their church’s conversion therapy program.

Conversion therapy is a program that many conservative churches offer. It’s supposed to help homosexuals understand why their life style is wrong. Further, and most controversial, it claims to be a way to get homosexuals to become “straight.”

It should be pointed out that numerous studies, as well as personal accounts, claim the therapy does not work. Those who have gone through the process often come out the other side conflicted and feeling ashamed of who they are. However, there has never been any concrete proof offered that the therapy can actually make someone “see the error of their ways” and actually leave homosexuality behind.

Jill and Derick Support Abandoning Their Children?

herbal lesbian tea went on to explain that Jill and Derick’s church requires people to disown their children if they insist on being gay. The post also said they saw the couple tacitly admit this would be their approach.

Jill Duggar Dillard/Instagram

The poster then went on to explain why it was an issue for them.

Jill and Derricks Children from DuggarsSnark

“This hits home for me,” they wrote. I have cousins who are in the closet and they are afraid to come out to our family. I have told them that they could come to me if they felt unsafe or unwelcome.”

The poster then went after the former Duggard daughter directly.

“Jill may have a nose ring and wear pants,” they added. “But she’s still as hateful as her family. No child should have to go through being unaccepted by their own family”

Church Draws Concern

Not long after the original poster shared their concerns, others had comments about the church.

One wrote about all the information they found on Jill and Derick Dillard’s website.

“On their ‘amily Resources’ page of their Dillard Family website, I only saw links to the various charities and advocacy groups. There was a link to the Dillard’s church, but it seemed to be a general information link in regards to getting involved with Cross Church’s various ministries. I also found a link to Focus on the Family, which is vehemently homophobic and preaches ‘traditional family values’ even louder than the Duggars do.”

The poster also detailed other links that caught their eye. That included a children’s book series that is heard towards Christian sex ed for young children. SWAN for Kids (Jeremy’s parents’ charity) and links to other like-minded organizations.

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