Jinger Vuolo Shuts Down Rumors She’s Distancing Herself From Duggars

Recently, there has been speculation that Jinger Vuolo is separating herself from the rest of the Duggar family. Fans and critics wonder if she’s following in her sister Jill Dillard’s footsteps as she ditches many of the family’s strict rules.

As fans know, Jinger and her husband Jeremy live in Los Angeles, California, while most of the Duggars reside in Arkansas. Due to the physical distance, the Duggars don’t often get to see the Vuolos. But there could be more than just physical distance in the way.

Following Josh Duggar’s arrest in April, several sources have come out and said that the family is “splintering” over the drama. Jinger and her husband Jeremy spoke out against Josh, condemning his alleged child pornography charges.

Further fueling the rumors, Jinger revealed Tuesday that she has been baptized at Grace Community Church, which is where her husband Jeremy preaches. He’s currently attending the Master’s Seminary in Los Angeles.


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Grace Community Church is Calvinist, while Jinger was raised in the independent fundamental Baptist Church. Katie Joy of WOACB claims that the differences in Jeremy’s religion and the Duggar family’s religion were a big deal when Jinger was courting him. She states that Jim Bob Duggar didn’t want Jinger to court Jeremy for this reason.

Jinger Vuolo shares proof she’s on good terms with her family.

On Instagram Wednesday, Jinger posted a new story, which is a screenshot from a FaceTime call with her mom and her little sister Josie. Jinger wrote, “Facetime with Duggar fam” and added a heart emoji on the post.

Shortly after Jinger posted the screenshot to her story, the Duggar family Instagram page reposted it. They added a sticker that reads, “we miss you.”

So, it looks like Jinger is on good terms with her family, while the Duggars don’t appear to be upset with her over her decision to be baptized in a different church. If there was truly conflict between Jinger and her parents for any reason, she may not be FaceTiming them or communicating with them at all right now.

So, do you think Jinger Vuolo is truly distancing herself from the Duggar family? Or do you think it’s all just speculation? Are you glad she still gets to “see” her family via FaceTime for now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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