Joe Jonas Throws up on Camera After Celebrating His Birthday

Joe Jonas partied a little too hard while celebrating his 32nd birthday, hilariously puking on the golf course the next day while filming a bit for an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Fellow boy bander Niall Horan filled in for Kimmel as guest host, and the two of them hit the links alongside the other members of Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas. The segment aired on Tuesday night, and Joe had spent most of the weekend partying and was still hungover.

However, since this is for a late-night talk should, it wasn’t as simple as a straightforward game of golf. Each player was given a specific handicap to overcome during the game, and Joe’s was to press his forehead to the club handle and spin around 10 times before golfing. “Still tipsy from last night. Joe has been celebrating his birthday weekend and a dizzy club could spell disaster,” the announcer quips as the musicians play through the course.

When Joe’s turn comes around, he fully commits, doing the requisite spins before taking a swing. The shot goes wide, and Joe falls to his knees from dizziness before eventually vomiting in the sandpit a few holes later. “Joe Jonas, quietly retching in the background,” the voice-over says as the “Sucker” singer pukes. “Joe’s a veteran golfer. He knows to always do the sick in the sandbox. It’s nature’s litterbox.”

Joe really is a golf fan, though, as evidenced by the birthday bash that his wife, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner threw for him. The event was Masters-themed, complete with balloons, banners, and beverages to celebrate Joe’s birthday with a golf twist.

It’s been a big year for Jonas, who celebrated daughter Willa’s first birthday last month after welcoming her with Turner on July 22, 2020. On Father’s Day in June, Turner gushed about watching her husband grow into “the ultimate dad,” writing on Instagram, “Happy Father’s Day to the ultimate dad and all the dads out there. Grab that cooler, pick up your spatula, strap on those sandals and get to grillin’. Joe you are the best baby daddy, It’s my greatest joy to watch.”

Back in May, Jonas explained that while having a new baby during the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging, he has been loving time at home away from touring with his little one. “It’s been amazing,” he said of becoming a father in an interview on CBS This Morning, adding, “It’s been forced time at home.”

“I’m always on the go, I’m always moving and traveling and touring,” the new dad continued. “And to be in one place for a solid amount of time and having my feet on the ground and be with my family, my immediate family, is time I don’t think I’ll get back. …I’m so thankful and grateful.”

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