Jon Gosselin, Colleen Conrad Split Amid Breast Cancer Battle

TLC viewers suspected Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad split up since she announced her battle with breast cancer. The rumors started to swirl because Jon Gosselin appeared to be partying and enjoying nights on the town at the same time as Collen was going public with the news. The rumors, however, have turned into confirmation he and Colleen Conrad did split up. They are no longer a couple.

Naturally, the news of Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad’s split leaves fans of the former TLC star with many questions. The biggest being did he break up with her before or after learning of her battle with breast cancer? Unfortunately, the idea that he broke up with her after finding out about her cancer diagnosis doesn’t exactly paint in a very positive light. Likewise, most fans would agree the former TLC personality has a habit of running from problems.


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Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad’s split confirmed

According to ETa source close to the couple confirmed Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend decided to call it quits. The source, however, clarified this was not an easy or light decision by either party. Ending his relationship with his girlfriend Colleen was the last thing he wanted. But, some things just aren’t meant to be.

This wasn’t an easy decision for them, one they didn’t take lightly. Jon wanted nothing more than to make his relationship work with Colleen. They tried both couples and family therapy but, in the end, realized they were better off as friends.”

Now, fans of the Gosselin family know the couple has been together since 2014. Jon, however, has known Colleen a great deal longer than that. Jon and Colleen grew up together. Back in 2018, fans thought Jon might be gearing up to remarry his girlfriend. He, however, admitted to media outlets the idea of remarrying was a lot of pressure for him.

The news comes just after she reveals her cancer diagnosis

News of their breakup comes just days after fans learned Colleen Conrad was battling with breast cancer.

Jon Gosselin sat down with The Sun to explain there had been issues in their relationship starting about a year ago when the pandemic hit. So, he wanted it to be crystal clear that her cancer diagnosis had nothing to do with them breaking up.

It’s hard, it was a big decision. We have been together for seven years which is a long time, so it’s very upsetting. It’s really hard to even talk about it. When you’re with someone that long, especially in the public eye and she’s someone private.”

Jon Gosselin Instagram
Jon Gosselin Instagram

He continued: “I still love and care for Colleen but we’ve both determined that it’s the natural end.”

It was Colleen’s lack of mentioning Jon in her post about her cancer and his lack of a reaction to it that originally started the rumors the duo might not be together anymore.

Are you surprised Jon Gosselin and Collen Conred split up? Do you think the timing of this news is a little strange given we’ve just learned she has cancer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest.

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