Jordyn Woods Loses Weight, Shares Before & After Pics Of Her Weight Loss

Jordyn Woods Dragged For Using Her Before & After Pics To Promote Her Fitness App

Jordyn Woods has been under fire for using her before and after pictures to promote her fitness app. The socialite has gone through quite the transformation over the years, and she’s looking to share her secrets to success with her new app.

However, fans think she’s actually scamming her followers, calling her out for allegedly getting surgery and using her platform to pretend as though her weight loss was natural.

Jordyn Woods is looking to help her fans with their fitness goals via her new app FRSTPLACE. She posted her own weight loss pictures, showing that she’s come a long way in the last few years as she has reached her dream body, but people think she bought her body and didn’t work for it.

“I can’t even believe I’m posting this but this is really me and this is my journey,” wrote Woods on Instagram.

“Hopefully, this can inspire some of you! It all started with a lot of mental and emotional work and the physical came with it. We all start somewhere.”

Unfortunately, she’s being shamed for doing so on Twitter, and in her comments.

Jordyn Woods starting a fitness app and acting like she didn’t get surgery done is sending me. The BBL girls are so unhinged,” said one internet user in a viral tweet.

Here’s what she used to look like:

Here’s what she looks like now:

And here are some reactions on Twitter:

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