Josh Duggar’s SHOCKING New Defense Leaked

As most Duggar fans know, Josh was arrested by the feds earlier this year for the possession of child sexual abuse material (or pornography). The former TLC star was then released on conditions, and he’s staying with a guardian until his trial. He’s unable to be around children other than his own with his wife’s supervision.

Josh’s trial was pushed back to November 30. In the meantime, his team is preparing their defense. They have requested additional documents to help build a strong enough defense. Recently, new details of the case have been released. The search warrant revealed that Josh made a “rookie mistake.”

Now, more information about Josh’s team’s defense has been released. They’re hoping to shift the blame to someone else.

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While there seems to be plenty of potential evidence pointing toward Josh, we won’t know for sure whether he’s guilty until later this year. Court documents have revealed that he was at the car lot when the explicit images were downloaded onto his computer. Prosecutors say he also used the same password to access the explicit content that he uses to log into his Instagram account.

Josh Duggar’s defense revealed

Josh’s defense filed a motion on August 20, claiming that the investigators “failed to preserve any evidence whatsoever” from the devices of the other car lot employees. These employees also had access to the wifi, which is why their devices were examined.

Witness #1, as referred to in court documents, was investigated in 2019. In this investigation, it was discovered that the employee spent the night at the car lot “without Duggar’s knowledge or permission,” according to Josh’s lawyers.

The court filing states that Witness #1 “admitted to viewing adult pornography through websites he accessed through the internet on his cellular phone,” but denies viewing child pornography. After examining Witness #1’s phone, investigators found “negative results.”

Federal agents also searched Witness #2’s and Witness #3’s cell phones. Josh’s team points out that the agents didn’t save any data from any of the cell phones searched.

It seems possible that Josh’s defense is attempting to shift the blame for his alleged crimes onto another employee. Since one employee admitted to viewing adult pornography on his phone, the blame may be placed on him. Jim Bob Duggar already attempted to blame Josh’s employee, an ex-con.

So, do you think this new defense will work out for Josh Duggar? Or do you think he’s going to be found guilty in November? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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