Kanye West got owned by an unlikely troll – Peppa Pig

Outspoken superstar Kanye West is no stranger to beef, but he probably didn’t expect to be mocked by a pig.

The rapper’s newly released album ‘Donda’ has been met with a mixed reception among critics, but children’s cartoon stars have largely kept their thoughts to themselves.

That is, except for one iconic pink-faced porker, who has triumphed over West in a high-profile set of music ratings.

Peppa Pig’s latest release was ranked a whole half-point higher than ‘Donda’ by iconic publication Pitchfork, and she wasn’t afraid to point it out.

The music site awarded the rapper a meagre 6.0 out of 10 – one of the lowest scores of his career – branding the album “barely finished and with a lot of baggage”.

Meanwhile ‘Peppa’s Adventures: The Album’ earned itself a more respectable 6.5, with reviewer Peyton Thomas hailing it as a “charming and self-assured celebration of family, friendship, and muddy puddles.”

Fans of the site soon picked up on the British pig’s triumph over the international hip-hop icon, with Peppa herself soon joining in on the fun.

The official Peppa Pig Twitter account retweeted a screenshot of the two reviews with the spicey caption: “Peppa didn’t need to host listening parties in Mercedes-Benz Stadium to get that .5.”

She was, of course, referring to the three promotional events held by West to garner hype for the long-awaited record.

Still, anyone who’s watched the pig’s eponymous animated series will know she’s a nice girl who tries to steer clear of controversy.

Her sassiness was, therefore, short-lived, and Peppa’s social media masterminds soon deleted the provocative tweet.

Of course, it was too late to erase all trace of the message, with eagle-eyed users of the platform quick to take screen grabs for posterity.

West has yet to respond to the jibe, but maybe that’s because he’s busy working on a Peppa diss track.

If he ever releases another album, keep your eyes and ears peeled…

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