Katie Thurston Reveals Thoughts On If Blake Moynes Hadn’t Proposed

Relationships are hard in any setting. Meeting on television and dating in front of the world is even harder. Everyone knows Blake Moynes proposed to Katie Thurston. However, what would have happened to them if he hadn’t popped the question. Katie shares her thoughts. Plus, Blake dishes on the moment he knew he was going to propose.

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes in the real world

When doing their media rounds, Katie has said she didn’t care if Blake hadn’t proposed. She said she just wanted to be with him and leave together. However, now, she’s also dishing on thoughts she has about what could have happened if he didn’t propose.

US Weekly shared what Katie had to say. Let’s just say Katie is more than relieved Blake popped the question. She admits to not being sure what would have happened to them in the real world if he hadn’t. Katie said, “In the moment — because there was a moment where I didn’t think he was proposing — I was just happy to leave with him. I knew that was going to happen no matter what, [but] it’s hard to say the impact of that in the real world [if he didn’t propose].”She continued, “You go through so much and you want to take this very seriously and a proposal and engagement is very serious. I didn’t come here to find a boyfriend. I can do that on a dating app.”

The Bachelorette also said, “It’s hard to say if we would have survived just as a dating couple, but the fact that we’re both committed to each other as future husband and wife, it just says a lot about our confidence in our relationship.”

Luckily he did propose and they are both very happy and ready for the future.

When did Blake decide to propose

Fans saw on television that Blake was struggling a little with proposing. There was a moment also that fans didn’t see. Blake said, “I was able to go back to the place and start getting ready and really start to sit down and think about it by myself and take in everything.” He continued, “There was no one in the room, no cameras and it just kinda, like, settled in for me and I had to make a decision and it just became very clear when you’re getting ready and putting that tie on, like, ‘This is it. I know it is.’ And so I pulled the trigger.”

While it went great and Katie was genuinely surprised, Blake admits he regrets faking her out. Katie believed he wasn’t going to propose when he said he can’t give her what she came there for. He went on to say because she deserves so much more.

Now the finale has aired, the two are living life. Earlier today, they shared a video of getting soaked wearing Niagra boat tour rain ponchos. The couple is in Canada so she can see where he lives and spend time with his family.

As for where they will live, Katie and Blake are going to go back and forth between California and Canada. Katie is set to move to San Diego September 1.

Will their love survive long distance? Time will tell. However, these two sure seem well suited for each other.

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