Katie Thurston SHUTS DOWN Pregnancy Rumors Before They Start

Katie Thurston took to her Instagram Stories over the weekend for some medical advice. She was hoping some of her followers might be able to diagnose her symptoms. Knowing how the internet is, the Bachelorette got ahead of any rumors regarding the possibility that her symptoms are from pregnancy. What is wrong with Katie? Keep reading and we’ll explain. 

Katie Thurston Thanks ‘Internet Rumors’ For Friendship With Former Suitor 

Katie Thurston is happily engaged to Blake Moynes. However, weeks before the finale, she sparked major online rumors about her final rose pick. She shared a photo of herself dining at a San Diego eatery. Eagle-eyed fans spotted one of her Season 17 contestants in the background, sparking speculation that he was her final choice. 

Fans thought Katie had unintentionally spoiled the outcome of her season. However, the man in question – John Hersey – went home early on in the season. Katie and John recently returned to the San Diego eatery to recreate the photo that set the internet ablaze. 

In the caption, Katie gives a shout-out to the “internet rumors” that led to a friendship with Hersey. Katie just moved from Washington to San Diego, a move that was planned before her stint on the ABC dating show. Of course, fans wonder why Katie didn’t move to Canada to be with Blake. She explained that the red tape of moving to another country is too much for them to deal with right now.

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Former Bachelorette Seeks Medical Advice – What’s Wrong With Her? 

Katie has a firm connection with her social media followers. Before appearing on The Bachelor Season 25, Katie already had a significant following on TikTok. So, it’s no surprise that she often asks her Instagram followers for advice and feedback. 

She took to her Instagram over the weekend to get some thoughts on what’s plaguing her. Katie revealed that she is tired all the time and sleeps too much. She said her lack of energy interferes with her social life. 

Even with sleep and healthy eating habits, Katie finds herself tired all the time. 

Katie Thurston Shuts Down Pregnancy Speculation 

As a woman of child-bearing age, Katie received numerous DMs suggesting that she might be pregnant. In fact, even her fiance blew up her phone after seeing her post. Katie quickly shut down any rumors before they could start. 

No, she is NOT pregnant.

Not everyone had that suggestion, though. In another video clip, she shared some legitimate reasons that might explain her tiredness. 

Her Followers Come Through With Possible Diagnoses 

Katie Thurston’s followers were quick with the medical advice. Several people suggested that Katie get her thyroid checked. She revealed that she ordered an at-home test after the recommendations. 

Further suggestions include she may be suffering from low iron or other essential vitamins. Katie took that advice to heart, immediately purchasing vitamins online. 

Katie also plans to seek professional advice from her doctor. She promised to update her followers on what she finds out. 

Do you think it was smart of Katie Thurston to shut down the pregnancy rumors immediately? What do you think could be causing Katie’s fatigue? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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