Keemstar admits he reported Ethan Klein’s H3H3 videos to YouTube CEO

Keemstar admitted on the August 18 episode of ‘Mom’s Basement’ that his actions resulted in Ethan Klein’s YouTube content being flagged, twice. Speaking to Trisha Paytas, the YouTube star said the situation wasn’t “balanced” and claimed that Ethan plays by “his own rules.”

The episode repeatedly hit the headlines long before it became available to stream. The appearance of the former ‘Frenemies’ host on Keemstar’s podcast made waves within the online community. Even Ethan’s parents, Donna and Gary Klein, weighed in.

While fans were accusing Trisha of being the “worst friend” to Ethan, the YouTuber stated they believed in “discussion, debate and changing people’s minds.”

On August 18, just before the episode aired, Keemstar explained in a Tweet that he had “evil” plans.

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The highly anticipated episode of ‘Mom’s Basement’ dropped on August 18

Keemstar said he didn’t “strike” H3H3

During the podcast, Trisha asked Keemstar whether he “filed a strike against Ethan’s channel.” The host emphasized that he didn’t, instead reporting the channel externally on two separate occasions.

Keemstar explained that “six months ago” Ethan posted a video with a “Keemstar puppet doll.” He complained that if Ethan did the same to a “Gabbie Hanna puppet… your channel would go down!” After reporting it to his “YouTube rep,” the video became age-restricted. Though the YouTube star insisted “that should’ve been a flag.”

He then went on to describe how Ethan “had someone calling in, pretending to be my girlfriend.” During this H3 episode, the “girlfriend” allegedly said “Keemstar’s got a little d**k… it doesn’t work.” While the YouTuber admitted he “wasn’t mad,” he still reported it to “Susan (Wojcicki), the CEO of YouTube.” The video was removed shortly afterward.

Fans defended Ethan in the comments

Several Instagram users expressed their disappointment in Trisha for entertaining the story, and rushed to Ethan’s defense. “The Keem’s girlfriend bit was obviously a joke,” one user commented. “Keem is a garbage liar,” said another.

Trisha was also implicated in the comments, with one listener branding her a “serial traitor and a clout chaser.” Other users simply spammed the comments with snake emojis.

The fallout from the podcast remains to be seen. In the meantime, you can catch up with the new episode on Spotify.

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