Kelly Clarkson Officially Files To Have Her Name Restored In Divorce

Kelly Clarkson is asking a divorce judge to allow her to restore her famous last name following the nasty divorce with her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock. 

According to new legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Clarkson is asking for a default judgment in her ongoing case, which will officially make her divorced. In the filing, Kelly is also asking for her famous name to be restored and legally change it going forward.

As we’ve reported, Kelly and Brandon are fighting over the finances in their divorce — including spousal and child support and whether or not they will split their property or not depending on details of their prenuptial agreement. “Petitioner requests restoration of the former name as set forth in the proposed judgment” the document reads.


Our sources say Brandon obviously isn’t putting up a fight in this department, and most of the time the judge signs off on these sorts of requests right away. Plus, we’re told both sides agree to officially divorce on “status” only while they continue hashing out their finances. To be clear, it will only matter if either of them is planning on getting married to someone else while the rest is being handled. We are guessing not.

Kelly Clarkson Asking A Judge To Be Declared Legally Single!

As we reported, Kelly asked the judge to legally declare her single back in July. The talk show host says she and Brandon “both deserve the opportunity to build a new life.” The ex-couple filed for divorce back in 2020 after seven years of marriage.

We broke the story, Kelly has been ordered to pay $200,000 a month in support of her ex-husband. According to legal documents, Clarkson is pulling in a massive amount of income which equals a whopping $1,583,617 per month. Starting on April 1st, 2021, Kelly is required to pay him $150,000 in spousal support — and another $50,000 in child support. In all, Kelly is shelling out  $195,601 a month to her ex-husband.

Kelly Clarkson Files To Restore Her Famous Name In Ongoing Divorce

It should be noted, Brandon is currently challenging the validity of the prenuptial agreement claiming it is invalid. We’re told most likely it will be upheld in court, and Kelly will not have to pay the support after the case is settled. As you can imagine, millions of dollars are on the line with that one decision.

‘The Voice’ Star Kelly Clarkson Fighting Over Money In Ongoing Divorce

Interestingly, a large portion of Kelly’s income comes from her successful talk show and is reportedly taking over Ellen DeGeneres’s spot on NBC. ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ has a nice ring to it — and we are guessing signing those massive contracts as ‘Blackstock’ is working for the famous singer.

Kelly Clarkson Files To Restore Her Famous Name In Ongoing Divorce

Brandon is a music manager with longtime clients including Blake Shelton. In the divorce documents, Blackstock says he is now a full-time rancher and wants to continue living on the couple’s Montana ranch. Earlier in the case, the court denied Kelly’s request to sell the ranch but ordered Brandon to start covering the costs of the property.

Oh ya, and Kelly is responsible to pay $1.25 MILLION in Brandon’s attorney fees and professional costs in the ongoing divorce case.

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