Kendra Sells Hollywood With Kendra Wilkinson

It has been a while since we last saw the Playboy Bunny, Kendra Wilkinson on television. She is ready to make her reality show reentry on her new docuseries, Kendra Sells Hollywood.

This show is all about how she has been getting started in the world of real estate and just how hard she has been working to make a new name for herself.

Kendra Sells Hollywood will take a deeper look at what Kendra has been doing in Los Angeles. She has started to sell some very expensive properties and this world is fast-paced with high-stakes along the way.

Kendra Sells Hollywood With Kendra Wilkinson

She is now in the Douglas Elliman firm and the show will be featured on discovery+. There will be six episodes in the docuseries and we will get a chance to see where her life has been and the direction that she wants it to go in now.

Discovery+ was happy to announce the new show and explained, “Wilkinson relies on her signature humor and fierce determination to learn the ropes and land her first sale. She is ready to take Tinseltown by storm and prove that she has the hustle to make it in real estate.”

Kendra added, “I’ve been on TV, on magazine covers, and shared all of the ups and downs of my personal life with fans. Now people can follow along on my newest adventure as a real estate agent. This ‘girl next door’ is ready to compete with the big guns!”

Kendra had already mentioned to her fans, on social media, that she had passed her real estate test on the first try and was very proud of herself. She immediately knew that this was going to be her new career move and has been so happy about making this shift ever since.

Kendra Sells Hollywood will take us on her journey and the ups and downs that come with being in real estate. It’s not easy and we will see just how much someone can struggle to make ends meet in it, especially in Hollywood.

This is a cut-throat industry with people fighting tooth and nail to get their properties sold in order to make the big commissions. Where will Kendra fall in this industry? Does she have what it takes to be a success? Only time will tell and we will be there all the way.

Kendra Sells Hollywood will be streaming in the Fall of 2021 on discovery+.

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