Kerry Katona’s Ex-Husband Died After Ingesting ‘Ball’ of Cocaine

Kerry Katona, popularly known as a member of the British pop girl group called “Atomic Kitten,” received devastating news recently about the sudden death of her ex-husband, George Kay, popularly called Mr. Kay.

According to investigation carried out, the Warrington native was spending time at the Holiday Inn hotel located at Runcorn, Cheshire, for an undisclosed number of days.

An eye witness also told the police that the 39-year-old bit into a large ball of what is claimed to be cocaine, causing it to crumble, with a large portion of the substance filling his mouth.

The investigation further revealed that Mr. Kay was too intoxicated with the chunk of substance that went down his throat, leading to an accidental death. Kay was also reportedly unstable in the few hours leading to his death, and this was one of the reasons why the hotel management called the police.

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What Really Happened?

One of the hotel’s workers named Luke Smith, told the cops that he saw Mr. Kay allegedly pull out a sock containing a round white ball from his pocket. He went on to say that the late professional rugby player went ahead to dig into the substance using his teeth.

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Although a specific time frame was not given by the eye witness, it was noted that Mr. Kay became unwell after a while, and the paramedics were called in for help.

Help got there and immediately transported him to the hospital, but was pronounced dead a few minutes later.

After an autopsy was carried out to determine what the white substance was, it revealed that the former athlete died from cocaine toxicity.

More Eyewitnesses Open Up

The hotel in question had a few lodged guests, as many of them confirmed that Mr. Kay was quite intoxicated and behaved erratically in the few moments leading to his demise.

When the hotel operations manager, Craig Ponsford noticed that Mr. Kay’s off behavior, as he repeatedly banged on other guests doors.

The manager told the police that he suggested to Mr. Kay to retire for the night by going into his room, which he complied with. On getting to the room, he reportedly sat quietly at the edge of his bed, and made no attempts to make any sudden movement till the police arrived.

One of the police officers, Declan Corcoran confirmed that when they arrived at the scene, Mr. Kay appeared very calm and explained the situation to them.

More Details From Mr. Kay’s Final Moments

According to the narrating officer, Corcoran, Mr. Kay admitted that he had swallowed “a white stuff,” and that there were remnants of it in the bathroom.

Another officer revealed that when she entered the loo, she could only find very little trace of the substance.

“I considered bagging it up but there was nothing there physically, to take away. If there was a half a teaspoon I would have seen it,” she said.

This response came after other witnesses from the hotel mentioned that in Mr. Kay’s bathroom, the white substance was at least a spoon full or four large pinches.

The female officer said that she did not think the remnants in the bathroom would be enough for analysis as it seemed like there was nothing there at all.

Mr. Kay Reportedly Didn’t Ask For Help

The female police officer explained that although it was evident that Mr. Kay had consumed something, she did not feel threatened by his physical or mental state to subject him to an arrest.

He reportedly calmly declined an offer to go to the hospital, stating that he would rather stay and “get his head down.”

The coroner in charge of the investigation noted that Mr. Kay had no reason to take his life, as he could not have known the amount of substance that would endanger his life.

Mr. Kay’s mother explained to the court that her son had been taking recreational drugs from a young age, but his addiction intensified in May 2019. In July of the same year, he was admitted to the hospital on possible heart attack from cocaine use, but was discharged after 24 hours.

Mr. Kay is survived by a daughter, Dylan-Jorge.

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