Kevin Durant & Draymond Green Reveal What Broke Up Super Team
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Kevin Durant & Draymond Green Reveal What Broke Up Super Team

The Golden State Warriors were set up to be a team that would go down in history along with the likes of the 90s Chicago Bulls, or the 2000s Lakers. Kevin Durant had other plans though and took his talents to Brooklyn. It’s safe to say that the team has never been the same since. Now, both Durant and Draymond Green, the protagonists of the argument that potentially broke up that Warriors team are revealing what really happened. Spoiler alert, if you’re one of those people that loves to call Kevin Durant soft, or Draymond Green a real pain in the behind, you’ll love this story! 

What Went Down


Back in the 2018-19 season the two players got into a heated argument that may or may not have gotten close to a full-blown brawl. (That depends on who you ask). What is true is that the argument did not sit well particularly with Durant. The issue strained the relationship between the star and the organization. So much so that he ultimately left the team at the end of the season. Now the 2 stars are in peace talks. Both sitting down to have a face to reconciliation for Bleacher Report. 

Kevin Durant Got Mad At Management

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From Kevin Durant’s point of view, the issue wasn’t necessarily the argument itself. What ultimately led him to make the decision to leave the team was the way that coach Steve Kerr and GM Bob Myers handled the issue. He mentioned, 

“It wasn’t the argument, It was the way that everybody — Steve Kerr — acted like it didn’t happen. Bob Myers tried to discipline you and think that would put the mask over everything. It really felt like that was such a big situation for us as a group, the first time we went through something like that”

A Draymond Apology Could’ve Gone A Long Way

Draymond Green and Hazel Renee grab dinner at Delilah restaurant with friend Stephen Curry

From the looks of things, it seems that Warriors management thought that Draymond Green was the one in the wrong. Draymond recalls having a 2-hour sit down with Kerr the day after the incident. Kerr wanted to persuade Draymond to apologize to Durant. That just wasn’t in the cards for Green, though. He mentioned, 

“I told them then and there, ‘ya’ll are about to f–k this up. The only [people] that can make this right are me and (Durant). There’s nothing ya’ll can do, and ya’ll are going to f–k this up.’ And in my opinion, they f—-d it up.” 

They Are Who We Thought They Were 

The amazing thing about the whole story is that these 2 got into an argument, and now blame the fallout of the argument on people who really didn’t have anything to do with the issue in the first place. Ultimately, the historically non-confrontational Durant chose to leave the team. Keeping Draymond on the team has certainly looked like the wrong decision to this point. As the Warriors went from playing in the NBA finals to having a real shot to get the number one pick in the draft the next year.

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