Kit Harington Shares More Details About Addiction & Feeling ‘Suicidal’

Kit Harington is sharing more details about his “traumatic” time during and after working on Game of Thrones. During an exclusive interview with Sunday Times Magazine, Harington shared that working on the popular HBO show caused him to endure a lot of traumas. “You get to a place where you feel like you are a bad person, you feel like you are a shameful person. And you feel that there’s no way out, that’s just who you are.” Fans of the show watched brutality take place on both hated and beloved characters. No one was exempted. By the final season, it was regarded as one of the most bloody, brutal shows on TV.

‘I Went Through Periods Of Real Depression’


The actor shared that this led to him being depressed and using alcohol as a crutch to help him deal with hard times. Unfortunately, the combination of alcohol and mental health struggles can never lead to a good situation. “I went through periods of real depression where I wanted to do all sorts of things,” shared Harington. One of those things was dealing with thoughts of suicide. The actor admitted that his mental health struggles were a secret that kept him sick. “I definitely don’t want to be seen as a martyr or special. I’ve been through something, it’s my stuff. If it helps someone, that’s good.”

Making The Choice

The 34-year-old surprised everyone when he shared that he had checked into a rehab facility in 2019. At the time, Harrington was not open about the reason why he was seeking help. A spokesperson for the actor shared that he was simply using a break in his schedule to recharge. Noting that he “decided to utilize this break in his schedule as an opportunity to spend some time at a wellness retreat to work on some personal issues.” His road to recovery was intimate and quiet but now that it has been two years, the Eternals actor is ready to share his struggle.

His ‘Family Unit’ Is Strong

kit harrington

Harington is married to his Game of Thrones co-star Rose Leslie and the couple also recently welcomed a baby boy. While they have not shared too many details about their son, Harington couldn’t help but gush about his pride and joy while speaking to Access. “Oh, this goes on forever!” he joked. “You don’t get a break from it. You’re just like … every day I wake up and look after this little human and now we’re part of a unit together.” He loves how solid the dynamic is and likened it to having built-in support and love. “It’s a beautiful thing, it really is.”

‘I’m A Very, Very Happy, Content, Sober Man’

Kit Harington

Harington refuses to allow his mental health and past addictions to ruin what he has built for himself. while he admits thoughts of suicide were scary and no doubt traumatic within itself, the actor realizes that he has so much to look forward to. He has joined the Marvel family playing Dane Whitman in the upcoming film the Eternals. He will also appear in an episode of the Amazon Prime original show Modern Love. There is definitely a lot to be excited about! Plus he’s a zaddy now.

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