Kody Brown’s Wife Janelle Is DONE Being Invisible

It is hard being one of four wives. Janelle Brown knows this all too well. The second wife of Kody Brown and star of Sister Wives has made some major life changes this summer and it shows. She is becoming the star of her own life. In her latest Instagram story, Janelle quotes Tony Robbins. The emphasis is on learning how to become visible and she is doing just that.

Growing Up Sister Wives


Credit: Janelle Brown Instagram

When viewers first met Janelle in 2010, she was the worker bee of the Brown family. She openly admitted she preferred to work and be out of the home. At the time, there were only three wives. Meri had just lost her job but was in school and helping to raise the family. She was also still Kody’s only legal wife. Christine was the third wife and the main homeworker, pregnant with her sixth child, a daughter they would name Truely. Between Meri and Christine, they helped raise Janelle’s six kids while she brought in an income.

Kody was courting Robyn who had three kids and lived several hours away. The dynamic completely changed once she was brought into the family. Janelle, Meri, Christine, and their children all shared one home. However, they had to adapt to Robyn living now living nearby. Kody’s time was split four ways rather than three. Soon, all of the Browns escaped from Utah to Las Vegas due to polygamy rules. There, Janelle found a career in real estate. But it was the other wives who stayed front and center.

Robyn went on to have two children while Meri divorced Kody. She did this so Robyn could legally marry him and he could adopt her three kids from a previous marriage. Meri was also struggling personally and got into a catfishing online relationship. As for Christine, she struggled with Truely’s health problems that left her in a financial hole. It was not until they all moved to Flagstaff that Janelle finally developed a voice.

Janelle Is Seen

Soon enough, Janelle became a fan favorite. She was extremely rational and levelheaded. Becoming a grandmother to Axel and Evie K. via Maddie seemed to soften her some. When COVID hit, she made the decision to keep Kody away as a precaution for her remaining three children at home. It was a controversial decision but she knew it was right for her. She also became adamant about better communication within the family. Her voice was powerful, respected, and she proved she is no longer invisible.

Credit: Janelle Brown Instagram
Credit: Janelle Brown Instagram

When their Coyote Pass land was not ready to be built on, Robyn and Christine bought homes. Meri and Janelle chose to rent. Sadly, Janelle’s rental was sold but she did not take the news lying down. Rather, she chose to make a summer adventure out of it. She got an RV and parked it on the Coyote Pass land. Janelle has enjoyed nature, she’s been cooking, made some upgrades, and lived off the grid.

Her independence was always known but now she shines even more. She has even teamed up with Maddie to promote Plexus. Janelle feels self-care is huge and continues to have her site Strive with Janelle where she coaches others. Being invisible is no longer something for her so the Sister Wives star is letting the world see her shine. And she has the smile and the post to prove it.

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