Labrador’s heartbreaking reaction to ‘first day at work’ goes viral on Reddit

An adorable dog has gone viral for his reaction to his “first day at work”.

In the photo shared on Reddit, it shows a Labrador leaning on his owner with a sad face.

The man, who appeared to be a security guard, was looking straight when the dog’s emotions caught everyone’s attention.

He looked glum as his head was captured leaning on the man doing his job.

It was shared by Reddit user @killHACKS who wrote the caption: “His first day at work.”

Since it was shared four days ago, it’s already scooped over 87,700 upvotes and almost 800 comments.

The dog captured the hearts of many on social media

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Many social media users were quick to jump in and use the dog as a meme for their own experiences.

One user joked: “Me every day at work.”

Another wrote: “When I started retail and had major social anxiety.”

A third suggested: “This dog needs emotional support dog.”

The pup looked so sad in the photo
The pup looked so sad in the photo

While a fourth couldn’t help but use a pun as they said: “He’s had a ruff day.”

Meanwhile a fifth commented: “One day in and his soul is already crushed.”

Others were too busy gushing over how cute the animal was with one writing: “I love him unconditionally.”

As one Reddit user suggested: “At least let him work from home.”

Recently another dog went viral for her excitable reaction when his owner finally returned home.

In the clip, she spots her owner on the side and desperately tries to open it.

When the man enters, the dog immediately jumps up and hugs him with her tail in overdrive.

She then repeatedly tries to lick his face as someone behind the camera starts giggling.

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