Lana Rhoades Reveals 20-Week Baby Bump Photo in Workout Wear

Lana Rhoades is flaunting her baby bump as she counts down the days to her little one’s arrival. The former adult film star is currently expecting her first child, and as she reached the 20-week mark in her pregnancy, she took to social media to share a flattering poolside snap showing off her curves.

In an Aug. 17-dated Instagram post, Rhoades shared two new images while providing a pregnancy update. In the photos, 24-year-old soon-to-be mom posed by a backyard pool, her hair down, in sage green workout clothes, Rhoades taking a moment to soak up a little sun. In the accompanying caption, which she dubbed a “bump update,” Rhoades excitedly shared that she would be hitting the 20-week mark in just “a couple of days.” She went on to acknowledge that “every woman looks different during their pregnancy depending on factors such as their height, abdominal muscles, and where the baby is sitting,” adding that she is “obviously still very tiny @ 20 wks which is half way through my pregnancy!” According to Rhoades, while her baby bump is still tiny, her bundle of joy “is actually measuring bigger than most babies!” She quipped that the ultrasound technicians have even told her that “Milo has giant feet and long legs.” Due to this, she said, she will be “skipping new born clothes when he gets here!”

Rhoades’ baby bump update led to a flurry of responses, with one person dubbing Rhoades “naturally beautiful” as somebody else wrote, “omggggg I can’t believe you’re already half way!!” A third person commented, “you are still so tiny.. you are glowing.” Another one of Rhoades’ followers, who said she was “gorgeous,” agreed with Rhoades’ comment that “every pregnancy is different. I was so tiny and gained 12 pounds with my son and 80 with my daughter. Both were born healthy, which is all that matters.”

The set of photos came just a little more than two months after Rhoades first shared that she was expecting. The mom-to-be made the announcement in a June 1 Instagram post. Sharing a sonogram image, Rhoades wrote, “this is the announcement.” The image also showed a piece of paper with “Due date 1/13/22” written on it.

As Rhoades continues to count down the days to her little one’s arrival, she has not revealed who the father of her child is. Many have speculated that YouTuber and podcast co-host Mike Majlak is the father. Rhoades and Majilak, who met through mutual friend Logan Paul, broke up for the first time in October only to reconcile soon after. In February, however, they broke up for good, with Rhoades having explained in a post, “we are broken up and not getting back together this time.” Amid surging rumors that he is the child’s father, Majilak said during a June 3 episode of the imPaulsive podcast, “no” when asked if he was. He said that after their split, “I started to see other people. She also started to see someone specifically during that time. We remained friends, we continued talking. The result of her interactions with said new person resulted in a bun in the oven.” He added that Rhoades is “ecstatic” about her baby.

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