Leah Messer’s Boyfriend Justin Burke Teases Fans He May Be On TM2

Teen Mom star Leah Messer’s rumored boyfriend Justin Burke revealed he is currently filming the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2. Justin took to Instagram, teasing followers with the possibility. Leah Messer, however, according to The Sun, continues to deny that she is in a relationship with Burke.

To add a little more mystery, Justin has recently deleted the Instagram post leaving fans wondering what the big secret is? Additionally, fans are questioning why Leah wants to keep her involvement with Justin on the down-low? To say the least, it has added to Messer and Burke’s follower’s confusion.

Teen Mom 2 Ratings Tanking

Burke is also sharing recent photos of himself and Leah Messer looking quite content with each other. Justin captions the photo “(Announcement) …Wanted give a huge shoutout to my partner ‘n’ crime @leahmesser. She has supported my business and brought me a new business in other industries. To my followers, you may possibly see JBurke Media in action on TV in this season of Teen Mom2! Cross your fingers! @eyelenvisualsphotography”

Messer could be keeping the relationship hush for a couple of reasons. First, it would add to her upcoming storyline, building up a more dramatic plot. Second, Leah has three children, and some Teen Mom fans suggest that she may want to take things slowly. That is until she is sure the relationship is steadily growing before involving the children too early on.

How Far Will The Teen Mom Leah Messer Go To Save The Show?

But for now, Leah Messer continues to claim that she is single. She reveals she is focusing on her three daughters: Aleeah and Ali, 11, and Adalynn, eight. Teen Mom 2 fans are well aware that the reality series is going through some huge rating droppings following last season’s finale. As a result, the cast is all facing a lot of tension. Jobs could be on the line if the upcoming season ratings continue to tank. The uncertainty of the show’s future could also be related to Kailyn Lowry‘s recent rumored reconciliation with her ex-Javi Marroquin. Unfortunately, desperate times call for desperate measures. 


This also means if MTV is considering TM2 for the chopping block, anything is possible from the cast in an attempt to save their livelihoods.

So it makes sense that the moms are willing to add whatever spice is needed to keep drawing the fans in each week, even if it means bringing back old relationships and feuds or starting new. 

Does this mean fans could see the return of Teen Mom 2 bad girl Jenelle Evans? At this time, probably not. But who knows what could happen in the near future? For now, fans seem all in favor of Leah Messer and Justin Burke’s alleged relationship and would love to see more of them together when Teen Mom 2 returns.

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