Les Dennis Takes Jab At Amanda Holden After Wedding Photos Go Viral

“Britain’s Got Talent” judge, Amanda Holden once walked down the aisle with English television presenter, Les Dennis, but sadly split after reports of Holden’s infidelity was confirmed in the media.

Going down memory lane for this once beautiful couple, never-seen-before photos of the ex-couple from their 1995 wedding, went viral on social media, and fans were taken aback. Holden and Dennis looked very young and incredible in the photos, and happy too.

However, Dennis jokingly slammed his ex-wife with a statement about cheating, and fans had mixed feelings about it. Holden on the other hand, who is now married to Chris Hughes, is yet to make any comments on the unearthed photos that fans are savoring online, neither has she replied Dennis’ cheeky comment.

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Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday is a time for people to reflect on the past, and see the difference in their present lives. For Holden and Dennis, TT came in form of a reminder of the time they walked down the aisle and read out their vows to each other with happy smiles on their faces.

In the wedding photos, Holden was spotted in a white Vintage look dress with a full train at her back and a full veil hanging at the back of her head. She also rocked this look with white satin gloves and a bouquet of sun-flowers. Her hair was beautifully styled into a huge pony, and designed with a white hair decoration.

Dennis on the other hand, had on a long navy blue Shawl Lapel suit, paired with a white patterned inner T-shirt and tie to match. The pair was surrounded by friends and family in the photos, alongside a little puppy.

Why They Did Not Last

The dating timeline between Dennis and Holden is still unknown, but the pair often spoke about their love life while they were married. The ex-couple got married in June 1995, in a fairly large ceremony, but later split in 2000.

During this time, there were speculations online that they were on the verge of splitting, and this came to pass in 2003, when they announced that they officially divorced. The initial split took place after Dennis confirmed that his then wife had an affair with “Triggerman” actor, Neil Morrissey.

Despite the confirmation, the couple tried to give their relationship a second go, but ultimately gave up somewhere between 2002 and 2003.

Now, Holden is married to record producer, Chris Hughes, while Dennis is happily married to his third wife, Claire Nicholson.

Are They Good?

Following their split, Holden has casually spoken about her affair during interviews, including the time she mentioned to Good Housekeeping in 2013 saying “I don’t believe women have affairs for no reason.” Although some of her fans were triggered by this statement, others supported the media personality.

Nevertheless, she noted that Morrissey took many jabs online, and she thought it wasn’t right because it was her fault. “I was the one who was married,” she said.

After the divorce was finalized, it took Holden and Dennis, five and six years respectively to get married again. During this waiting period, they often spoke well about one another in the media. After Dennis’ wedding to Nicholson, Holden said she was sorry for hurting him, and excited that he had found love again.

Dennis Takes Swipe At Holden

For almost five years, Holden was branded ‘the cheating wife,’ by the media, and she credited Simon Cowell with helping her image back on track by giving her a job as a judge on “Britain’s Got Talent.”

Following the viral wedding photos, discussions about Holden’s past flaw was up for discussion again online when Dennis made a subtle joke about cheating.

Instagram | Les Dennis.

Dennis had a sit-down on Christopher Biggins’ podcast, where he revealed that he was working on a project with Mickey Rooney. He went on to say that before every performance, they would listen to the Frank Sinatra version of “Merry Little Christmas,” which he said alway upset Rooney.

“Mickey would get very angry because of course, Frank Sinatra ran off with Ava Gardner, Mickey’s wife,” he said.

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