Little girl leaves sweet note thanking waitress for special meal & her spelling apology is melting hearts

AS we’re sure anyone who has worked in the service industry will agree, it can be a pretty gruelling at times.

But for all the rude and obnoxious customers you have to deal with, one will come along every once in a while that really makes a lasting impact.


A little girl called Georgie left the heart-warming note to staff at Castello restaurant in YeovilCredit: SomersetLive/BPM

And we suspect this heartwarming note a little girl left for the team at Castello restaurant in Yeovil, Somerset, will be one of those instances.

Earlier this month, a little girl called Georgie visited the Italian restaurant with her family.

As she enjoyed the whole experience so much, she asked her family if she could leave the waiters a thank you note along with the tip.

The heart-warming message read: “To the waitresses and waiters, thank you for being so lovely and giving us our yummy food!

“I loved my sphaggeti (I think that’s how you spell it).

“You are very nice and you definitely get a 5-star rating from me!

“Lots of love, Georgie.”

And just in case there was any doubt over who she was, the youngster described herself as the “short blonde girl”.

To finish, she then drew a big arrow pointing to their tip and added: “Thank you for the lollypop.”

The restaurant’s manager Jonny Zhejani, 29, found the note while he was clearing the table and said the team really appreciated the kind words.

He said: “It means a lot to us because we have been working very hard to make up for the last six months while hospitality has been closed.

“She was a very happy little girl, and very excited to be out for dinner. Her mum said that she had been very excited when they had booked to come here for dinner.”

Describing her as “very, very polite”, Jonny added: “At the end, she said thank you for a lovely evening, and that she will be back soon.”

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