Little People’s Audrey Roloff supports sister-in-law Tori after she mocks fans who unfollow her despite family feud

LITTLE People, Big World star Audrey Roloff showed support for her sister-in-law Tori after she mocked fans who unfollow her.

The show of support comes as the sister-in-laws have found themselves at the center of a family feud.


Audrey supported Tori’s new Instagram video slamming fans who unfollow herCredit: Instagram / @toriroloff
The show of support comes amid their family feud


The show of support comes amid their family feudCredit: Instagram / @audreyroloff
Audrey laughed at Tori's recent video


Audrey laughed at Tori’s recent videoCredit: Instagram

On Monday, Tori took to Instagram to share a video that showed her mocking those that have unfollowed her.

The clip began with Tori, 30, pretending to be a fan sliding into her DMs, stating: “So I never really message people on here, but I wanted to let you know that I used to really like following you until yesterday when you posted something that I did not like.

“And I thought we liked all the same things, but we do not. And I do not like that.

“You are no longer living up to the expectation I created for you in my head, so because of that I am unfollowing you.”


The clip ended with Tori appearing as herself, as she turned to the camera and said: “Okay.”

Alongside the clip, the Little People, Big World star wrote: “No it’s cool. You don’t have to tell me.”

While many TLC stars took to the comments section to laugh at the clip, one person that may shock fans is Audrey.

The 30-year-old showed her support for Tori by leaving three crying-laughing emojis in the comments section.

Tori is married to Zach Roloff, 31, while Audrey is married to his twin brother Jeremy.


Over the past few months, Tori has also been at war with Audrey as the sister-in-laws have been taking jabs at each other via social media over.

The biggest snub was when Tori decided to shrug off Audrey’s pregnancy announcement.

The TLC star failed to congratulate the soon-to-be mother of three, despite other family members doing so.


A source exclusively told The Sun: “Tori and Audrey always got along with each other, but Zach and Jeremy got into a huge argument one day and everything changed.

“It went on for weeks and the girls obviously took sides, they all stopped speaking to each other.

“The argument was about lack of respect. Zach felt he didn’t get enough support from Jeremy, but he didn’t agree.

“It exploded and there was a lot of mud-slinging, resulting in the two couples keeping their distance.”

They have also argued over Roloff Farms in Hillsboro, Oregon, owned by the brother’s father, Matt Roloff, who is said to want to retire soon.

The 59-year-old businessman has been discussing his next moves with family and desperately wants his sons to take over, with Zach being the most interested.

However, sources told The Sun that Matt secretly wants Audrey husband Jeremy to take over the family business.

Tori and Audrey are married to twin brothers Zach and Jeremy


Tori and Audrey are married to twin brothers Zach and JeremyCredit: Instagram
The couple have been feuding in recent months


The couple have been feuding in recent monthsCredit: Instagram @jeremyroloff


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