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Introduction: The online survey is the best medium to interact with customers and collect many honest reviews. Many companies are now conducting surveys to promote their products and collect reviews. One of these online surveys is the longhorn survey.  Longhorn steakhouse organizes this survey. They are conducting a survey to enhance their marketing performance. Let’s see more about this survey.

About the Longhorn Survey:

This survey is conducted by the longhorn steakhouse.  After completing the survey, one has to store the details that were entered at the start of the survey for future reference. One can keep the fuel or the cash receipt that has been used to get an entry for this survey.

This survey helps customers to open up about the services and their experience with Longhorn product purchase and experience. The company gets these reviews to improve their marketing strategies and improving the quality of service and products.

How to participate in this Longhorn survey

First one can participate by entering the survey using online and mail ways.

  • First, visit any longhorn steakhouse outlet.  
  • Then, after some purchase in the store, the receipt is used to enter the survey. The receipt will have an ID  to allow you to participate in this survey.
  • Visit their official website and fill in the ID number, store number and the date of purchase to enter the survey.

  • After entering the details, one can easily complete the survey as it is a simple survey.
  • The questions are simple and the contact details are asked at last after completing the feedback submission that is after completion of the survey.

Longhorn Survey details

For completing the survey, these are the prerequisites to be followed.

  • The survey is provided in English.
  • The participants must be from Canada, Puerto Rico, district Columbia and the USA excluding Quebec.
  • No purchase is required.
  • Must be of the age of 18years and above.
  • The winners will be notified through the phone number or email ID of the entry.
  • Should have an ID number that will be mentioned on longhorn receipt.
  • Only one entry is allowed with one survey code.
  • The entry must be the US citizen or the District of Columbia resident.
  • Employees, stakeholders, advertisers, sponsors, franchisers and their families should not participate in the survey.
  • This survey helps the longhorn steakhouse chain to grow and gives customers and surveyors to have some online fun to do.
  • The questions in the survey are based on the behavior of the staff on the store, cleanliness and the service of the store faculty, any problems and improvements to be addressed.
  • The federal, state and local laws are applicable to this survey.

The reward for this survey

Winners will be notified through the phone number given at the end of the survey or an email ID. By completing the survey, one gets a chance to win the rewards offered by the Longhorn chain. There are two types of prizes that are being provided after winning this survey.

The first type of reward will be $1000 that will be taken out from lucky draw.  The second type is 100second prizes worth $50 for the winners. The prize money will be given in the form of a check.  

One has to complete the affidavit of liability, eligibility and legality otherwise you might lose the ownership over these amazing cash prizes. Canadian citizens must have to solve a mathematical puzzle without a calculator to claim the prize after winning.

About the company :

Longhorn survey is being conducted by its parent company, longhorn steakhouse. They are famous for their grilled food and steak. They also offer soups, salads, and burgers at affordable prices for their customers. They are expanded in about 481places around the world.

Longhorn Steakhouse has now offered a short survey with no purchase for both its customers and non-customers.

Contact information

This survey is also famous for its excellent customer support. For more information about the survey please visit, https://www.longhornsurvey.com.


This article gives all the information regarding Longhorn Survey and the way this survey is being conducted. Details about entering and completing the survey are also enlisted along with the reward of this survey.

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