Loretta Lynn’s Face Looks Like A ‘Horror Show’ After Too Many Nip/Tucks?

Loretta Lynn in a silver outfit speaking on stage at a podium

Is Loretta Lynn overdoing it with her many cosmetic operations? One tabloid insists the country star can “barely move her face.” Gossip Cop investigates.

Loretta Lynn’s ‘Face Frozen’ From Too Much Plastic Surgery?

This week, the Globe reports Loretta Lynn has gone overboard with “years of nip/tuck overload.” The tabloid claims her loved ones are hoping she gives the plastic surgery a rest now that she’s going to be 90 next year. An inside source dishes, “Loretta’s always held herself up with pride when it comes to her looks, which she’s tried to maintain with facelifts, Botox, fillers and other procedures. It’s all catching up with her after so many years,” adding, “She doesn’t get much of anything now, but she can barely move her face — so it’s all too much. When she smiles, her cheeks don’t move and there are very few visible lines.”

The insider goes on, claiming Lynn “doesn’t want to look in the mirror and see an old person staring back.” Lynn reportedly “piles on makeup” and does her hair even if it’s just to lounge around the house. “Loretta still feels like she’s 30, and refuses to grow old before her time,” the snitch spills. A cosmetic surgeon who hasn’t treated Lynn tells the tabloid that the star “appears to have undergone a number of cosmetic surgeries, changing her look substantially!”

Is Her Family Urging Her To ‘Age A Little More Gracefully’?

So, is it true Loretta Lynn’s friends and family disapprove of her past cosmetic surgeries? We seriously doubt it. First of all, it’s unlikely the tabloid is speaking to anyone close to the star since this “insider” spends the majority of the time insulting her. Furthermore, the magazine claims she “doesn’t get much of anything now,” so what does it want from her? To go back in time? It’s obvious the magazine only aimed to critique her appearance and nothing more.

Besides, Lynn is looking great and still singing. Her lasting impact on country music is felt even today, and it was recently announced that she is to receive the American Country Music Awards Poet’s Award. It’s obvious this tabloid knows nothing about the singer since it only focuses on her looks.

The Tabloid On Plastic Surgery

This wouldn’t be the first time the tabloid insulted a famous woman’s appearance under the guise of concern. Not long ago, the outlet claimed Goldie Hawn had “ruined” her face with plastic surgery. Then the magazine reported Caitlyn Jenner was getting a breast reduction in an attempt to get taken seriously. The publication even alleged Dolly Parton was “splurging” on $2 million worth of plastic surgery. And last year, the outlet claimed Ellen DeGeneres was getting plastic surgery to cope with stress. Obviously, this is a common topic for the tabloid when it comes to famous women.

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