‘Love After Lockup’ Doug ARRESTED On Felony Firearms, Drugs, More

Love After Lockup star Dougie has been arrested once again. He may have dropped down to one knee and given Rachel a brand new wedding ring. However, he just could not shake his old ways. Rachel was warned by his sister he was never going to change. Yet, Rachel’s love for Doug overpowered any of her doubts. She felt better communication and counseling could tame the beast. Sadly, she was wrong.

Love After Lockup Love Story Gone Wrong


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Rachel admitted she has a thing for felons. Her lifestyle is quite the opposite as she was in the marines and now spends her days as an engineer. She was immediately drawn to Dougie’s physical appearance. They met and were wed while he was still in jail. He had barely been free since he was a teenager. Doug made it clear he was the man and the boss of the house.

This was a rough adjustment, especially for his twelve-year-old son whom he barely raised. Rachel had gotten custody of Doug Jr. and they had formed a tight bond. Dougie had a hard time communicating properly and this showed when they surprised his family in Kalamazoo. He erupted on his sister who warned Rachel he was going to cheat on her. She also said he would be back in prison within sixty days.

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Rachel told Dougie she wanted to go to family counseling but he said no. He was appalled she would give him an ultimatum to either get help or leave. Spoilers came out and Rachel had filed for divorce from Dougie at the end of 2020. It was put on hold but she re-filed this year. By May, Dougie was in a relationship with someone new and cheating rumors flew. Yet, had he stayed on the straight and narrow aside from the wandering eye?

Dougie’s Troubles With The Law

Early in the year, Doug had gotten in trouble for tampering with his ankle monitor. Now, he has fought the law once again and the law won. According to Amber read off the long list of charges and it does not look good at all. From drugs to car theft to a loaded gun, it is a lot to unpack. She was able to confirm through connections that it was in fact Dougie causing the drama.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Here’s a summation of what went down. Dougie was fleeing from the police on a motorcycle, no word on whether it belonged to him or not. As he was fleeing, he ended up crashing the bike. While he was continuing to resist arrest, he pulled out a loaded gun. Luckily neither Dougie nor the police was harmed during the incident. There was also a discussion of methamphetamines.

Dougie did make the news. It is important to point out he did not act alone. A handful of people were involved, the youngest being twenty. This all went down in his hometown of Kalamazoo so his sister was on point. She made it clear him coming back to that area was only a recipe for disaster. These are felony offenses so it does not look like Dougie will be enjoying much freedom any time soon.

Are you surprised he got himself into trouble again and so soon after his release? Let us know. Do not miss new episodes of Love After Lockup Fridays on WEtv.

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