Love Island final 2021 TONIGHT as last four couples battle it out to be crowned this year’s winners

IT’S officially Love Island finale day, with this year’s champs being crowned in just a matter of hours.

Chloe and Toby, Millie and Liam, Kaz and Tyler, and Faye and Teddy are the last four standing, and will all be leaving the villa tonight.

But who will join the likes of Kem and Amber, and Dani and Jack in Love Island history? And, most importantly, will they Split or Steal that £50k prize pot?

And if you’re sad about this year’s Love Island coming to an end, do not fear – as it has also been confirmed that the explosive reunion show will be returning for the first time in two years.

We can’t wait to see what drama ensues!

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    It’s no secret that Kaz knows how to party – and it turns out it runs in the family.

    Her mum and sister visited the villa and while they weren’t allowed to hug (boo!) they certainly brought the party and had Kaz dancing over their reunion.

    Turns out they are influencers too. Mum Malilwe and sister Banji often appear with Kaz on her TikToks and Instagrams.

    We need to know their secrets to always looking fab.



    Another dad not mincing his words was Liam’s dad Paul – who told him he had been shouting at the TV a few times” over his questionable behaviour.

    But he did add “You hold your hand up and you take the blame, well done.”

    Mum Donna said: “We can see you’re really happy – she’s for you.”

    Paul adds: “We’re proud of her as well.”

    Meanwhile, Millie’s mum Esme tells her of Liam: “I can just see what a lovely boy he is – genuinely nice boy.”

    Her sister Jessie adds: “It’s so clear how much you like each other. It’s so lovely to watch, you just look so happy together.”


    On Sunday’s episode the dads were firing on all cylinders – dropping truth bombs and getting flirty with the gang.

    But Tyler’s dad may have been the most savage. Making a dig at his son’s behaviour during Casa Amor, he later heaped praise on Kaz.

    He went on: “I don’t want to swear or anything but I thought you messed up, mate. I was screaming at the telly: ‘What have you done?!’ There’s no-one come in from Casa who had anything on this girl.

    “I thought what are you doing? And for me, to see you being humbled… She humbled you.”

    Bit awkward seeing as he coupled up with someone at Casa…


    Ahead of her appearance on After Sun, Liberty sent a message to her followers after finally getting back her phone.

    “The amount of messages I’ve had saying ‘You’ve inspired me’, ‘You’re my role model’, it honestly means more to me than winning any sort of money, or even getting to the final.”


    Should be on Loose Women for sure. She commands attention and isn’t afraid of airing her thoughts.

    We’ll start the petition tomorrow!


    We’ve asked for your thoughts and tallied the votes – and it seems there is a clear winner in the eyes of our readers.

    Ahead of the finale, we asked which couple is likely to come out on top.

    Who do you think deserves it? Click here to find out what the poll says.


    Jake Cornish found himself getting choked up on After Sun when he was made to watch Liberty’s break down in the villa.

    In the clip, the blonde beauty is sobbing as she tells Faye: “I don’t want to stay in the villa with someone who doesn’t like me or love.”

    Faye is seen getting choked up while comforting her.

    Jake found the moment uncomfortable to watch, squirming in his seat as he saw the true extent of Liberty’s emotional distress for the first time.

    “It’s not nice to see, especially when that’s because of me… When you think that’s because of me…”

    Liberty and Jake were reunited on After Sun
    Liberty and Jake were reunited on After Sun



    Last night the families of the islander finally met – and it seemed there was some awkward tension with Faye and Teddy’s brothers.

    Sidney and Carlos were unable to hide their discomfort after Faye was shown berating, mocking, and screaming at their brother earlier this month – triggering the most Ofcom complaints in Love Island history.

    When she tried to brush it off, they called her out and said ‘bad was an understatement’ for her behaviour.

    Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: “You can tell deep down Teddy’s brothers hate Faye.”

    Others praised the boys for their openness, with one writing: “I’m glad teddy’s brothers were honest with him I think they toned it down because they obvs didn’t wanna upset him but it was clear they don’t approve.”



    And therefore it’s officially Love Island finale day!!!

    We’ve made it guys, it’s been a long hard road but we’ve made it.

    Now the only question is… who’s going to be crowned the winner by the end of today?!



    Chloe and Toby aren’t even official yet but on their final date they said that they want to take things to some next levels.

    While Toby was more on the line of ‘paying for their own dates now’, Chloe said she would be up for potentially marrying the semi-pro footballer.

    Shall we get our hat ready, or…?


    Fans were not happy with Love Island’s family visit being done from a social distance – considering the islanders had been so long without their loved ones.

    While they could visit, they weren’t allowed any touching and had to stay at a 2m distance.

    One fan asked: “Why didn’t they quarantine these families so they can hug? That’s like torture bringing them in and not being able to touch them!”

    A third said: “No way I’m social distancing from my mum after not seeing her in two months… Forget that…”



    A mega evening of Love Island is over with and now it’s a countdown to the finale…

    Time to recap what we saw tonight!


    Jake got choked up when he saw Liberty upset about his behaviour in a clip during their time in the villa.

    He acknowledged that he wasn’t aware of how much he was affecting her, and that it wasn’t nice to see.

    Liberty says that despite what happened they will likely remain friends, but ultimately how they express affection didn’t gel, and it was right for them to split.


    Jake has spoken out about his relationship with Liberty and admits he’s not good at talking about how he feels.

    He tells Laura that it’s down to his lack of communication and wishes he spoke about things more.

    “It’s so hard, and it’s so intense, and in the moment it felt like the right move. She asked me how i felt, and i told her how I felt,” he said.

    “If I was playing a game I’d still be in there,” Jake added. “That’s what got me the most. That ‘he’s fake’ and not genuine.”


    “I think as soon as I met Jake we just instantly clicked and we went from strength-to-strength in the first few weeks,” Liberty tells Laura.

    She then admitted that she didn’t feel like they could get over the trials that were thrown at them in the villa.

    Both said that they never had any eyes for anyone else.



    Liberty and Jake spoke out briefly about their shock decision to leave after their romance didn’t work out.

    While Jake sounds a little hopeful, it appears Liberty is ready to entirely walk away, saying she was happy with the decision to end her relationship with him.



    Mary and Aaron look like they’re sticking together despite the elimination!

    Speaking about their time together the pair are determined to give their romance a shot, with Mary saying she became ‘obsessed’ with Aaron over the months.


    Looks like the After Sun panel aren’t convinced Kaz and Tyler will last after refusing to call themselves boyfriend and girlfriend.

    Speaking to Laura Whitmore, one said: “I just don’t understand this exclusiveness. I think to be honest there a little bit more, and they’re together for a quick dip. With each other on the outside world, I don’t think that’s going to happen.”


    Seeing as After Sun has free reign of the villa – it’s pretty obvious the gang has been packed up and shipped up out of there.

    Now they have some time for some R&R before the final tomorrow.


    Brett and Priya were late arrivals to the villa and by the sounds of it, both knew they weren’t going to be in there for long.

    Shame to see them go but let’s be fair – it would have been shocking to see them in the final.



    Remember these two?! They were only eliminated a few days ago!

    Man time moves fast in Love Island world.

    Thankfully after their awkward date, this time round they went off on a date together running.

    Slightly more successful – though still firmly friendzoned.


    “I think this is a couple that will probably move in together very quickly – I’m just calling it,” says former Islander Olivia Attwood.

    She added that the distance will be their biggest obstacle but reckons they’ll be able to make it.

    Do you agree?


    Laura and the After Sun squad have been moved from their studio in London over to Mallorca ahead of the final.

    This includes an awkward sketch involving the final eight islanders.

    Noone will be lined up for an Oscar anytime soon.


    Tonight is a double dose of Love Island with the final episode of After Sun of the year.

    Who’s joining Laura Whitmore on the sofa this time round?

  • THAT’S IT!

    Love Island’s penultimate episode is over and the final four couples have been confirmed.

    They are:

    • Tyler and Kaz
    • Liam and Millie
    • Teddy and Faye
    • Toby and Chloe

    Who do you want to win?

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