Loyal Dog Waits Patiently For Friend At Bus Stop; Netizens Call It ‘unconditional Love’

A video has surfaced on the internet that shows a loyal dog waiting for his human friend at the bus stop. Naturally, the clip has grabbed the attention of users.

People on social media often come across adorable videos of dogs. Some videos depict their goofy side, while others showcase the heartwarming bond they share with their humans. A video of a similar instance has surfaced on the internet. The clip shows the doggo waiting for his human at the bus stop for his human to return.

The dog waits for his friend at the bus stop.

A Twitter account @hopkinsBRFC21 has shared the cute video of the dog alongside the caption, “This is just pure love.” In the video, the dog can be seen waiting at the bus stop for his human to return. After few moments, a bus arrived at the stop, and the dog gets up to meet his friend. As soon as the bus stops, a boy can be seen getting down from the vehicle, which seemed excited to see the doggo waiting for him. Both of them, then, can be seen running together. Watch the video here:


Since being posted on Twitter, the video has garnered 3.6K views and more than 670 Likes. Netizens were delighted to see the heartwarming clip of doggo and the boy. One user commented, “Unconditional love.” Another user commented, “Love this.” Finally, another netizen commented, “This made me smile. Thank you”.

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