‘LPBW’ Will Chris And Matt Have Their Own TLC Spinoff?

LPBW fans have fallen in love with Matt Roloff and Chris Marek’s relationship on Little People Big World over the last few seasons. The unlikely friendship between Amy Roloff’s ex-husband and her soon-to-be husband has taken fans by storm. In fact, many fans think the chemistry between these two is worthy of a TLC spinoff.

LPBW: Bromance Between Matt Roloff & Chris Marek Is Why Fans Tune In

LPBW wrapped their latest season this week. The season Little People Big World was heavily focused on the wedding planning for Chris Marek and Amy Roloff’s August 28, 2021 wedding. The engaged couple dealt with picking a date, a venue, wedding favors, and who to have in their wedding party, and, of course, the guest list. Ultimately they choose Roloff Farms as their venue. Somehow in the process, Matt and Chris firmed quite a friendship—a bromance, if you will. This, of course, bothered Amy. After all, it made her uneasy that her ex-husband and fiance we so buddy-buddy.

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LPBW fans enjoy the friendship between Matt and Chris. In fact, many fans found this unlikely friendship couple their favorite couple on Little People Big World this season. So much so watching scenes between these two fellows was the main reason many fans actually tuned in. The banter between Amy’s ex and current man is the stuff that makes for great must-see television.

Little People big World - Matt Roloff - Chris Marek
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Little People Big World: Amy Uneasy With Bromance

LPBW fans cannot help but notice how uneasy Amy Roloff is over the closeness between Matt ad Chris. She seemed shocked that the two texted each other. However, Chris smoothed things over by saying it was wedding venue-related. Still, that didn’t really calm the waters for Amy. Rather it made her wonder why Chris was so involved in the details of their wedding when she clearly knows the farm best and knows exactly how to throw an event at the farm. After all, all four of her children wed at the farm. So planning her own wedding there really is an old hat for her.

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The fact that Matt Roloff and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler weren’t invited to Amy and Matt’s wedding is proof of the animosity Amy still harbors towards them both. LPBW fans noticed Matt was the one who spoke to the camera to announce that decision making it look like it was his idea. However, it was obvious that Amy really made the decision. That was proven when Matt and Chris did their confessional. Matt teased that he won’t be a guest at the wedding but certainly will be joining them on their honeymoon. That scene stole the show and sparked the push by fans for Matt and Chris to have their own TLC show.

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