Ludwig explains why he crops Hasan out of his YouTube videos

After HasanAbi finally realized that Ludwig has been cropping him out of his YouTube videos, his fellow streamer has had to give him an explanation – and it’s not as personal as you might think.

Popular Twitch streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker is known for his takes on drama around the platform, as well as his political commentary and interesting dress style.

In their August 16 stream on Twitch, Hasan can be seen checking out clips on Reddit when he comes across a link with the caption: “Mogul Moves,” referencing fellow creator Ludwig Ahgren.

As soon as he opened the link you can see the creator notice that he has been cropped out of the image used for the thumbnail for a video , titled: “Why I love hanging out with OfflineTV”.

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HasanAbi is an American Twitch streamer and political commentator.

HasanAbi’s reaction to Ludwig cropping him out

After clicking the link captioned “Mogul Moves,” HasanAbi recognized the thumbnail image on a video from Ludwig as one they took together for another video and immediately spotted that he was cut out of the image.

Having been on the far left of the image, Hasan continued to mention a few details about it: “He’s literally wearing the jacket,” continuing on with: “He’s wearing my hat” – referencing a past video from Ludwig that included Hasan and Pokimane picking clothes out for the creator.

After a comment in chat moves his attention to the latest episode of “Mogul Money,” a game show hosted by Ludwig himself, you see Hasan crack a smile — breaking the “serious” look that he had before.

He reads the title of the video and quickly notices that despite being in the video, Ludwig did not include HasanAbi’s name anywhere in the description or title.

The streamer then notices another video, titled: “Pokimane takes me shopping.” This was the third example of Ludwig leaving Hasan out, so he yelled: “Are you F***ing kidding me?!”

Ludwig’s reaction to Hasan finding out

Soon after Hasan realizes Ludwig’s actions and continues to laugh about it, members of the streamers community head over to Ludwig’s stream — who just happened to be streaming at the same time.

Ludwig’s chat soon starts filling up with comments from Hasan’s community. “Traitor” and “OMEGALUL” posts appear, continuing to show that it’s clear everything is a joke and nobody is actually mad.

The streamer continues: “Okay, Alright. You want to know the F***ing reason it was called Pokimane takes me shopping?!” before changing the screen to his YouTube analytics screen.

“LOOK! Feast your eyes! That’s the reason!” Ludwig exclaimed, showing that one of the videos in question was getting 48% better views than videos normally do.

With a smile on his face, Ludwig raises his arms up and says: “Sue me! Sue me,” implying he purposely put emphasis on Pokimane, hoping to get more views using the popular OfflineTV founder’s name.

Whether or not this is a tactic he will continue to deploy in the future remains to be seen, but it’s not a mystery anymore!

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