Mama June slams trolls who say boy toy Jordan McCollum ‘looks high’ in new TikTok video after he’s ‘kicked out of rehab’

MAMA June slammed trolls who said her boy toy Jordan McCollum “looks high” in a new TikTok video.

The 42-year-old stood up for her new love interest after he was “kicked out of rehab.”


June slammed trolls that criticized her boy toy Jordan
Fans claimed the 24-year-old looked 'high' in a new video


Fans claimed the 24-year-old looked ‘high’ in a new videoCredit: TikTok

On Thursday, Jordan took to TikTok to share a video of himself slurring his words as he ripped his shirt open.

He captioned the clip: “No I’m not high or drunk😂”

Despite insisting he wasn’t under the influence, a number of TikTok users took to the comments section to slam the 24-year-old’s behavior.

In light of the backlash, June defended Jordan by writing: “I’m gonna speak on this video and on Jordan’s behalf because I personally know Jordan as my friend.”

The TV personality- whose real name is June Shannon- said Jordan “is very much clean.”

Sharing that she’s “been around him for three months,” June claimed Jordan acts that “goofy” when he is clean.

June reiterated that Jordan is not high “in this video” and slammed his critics for spreading the “crazy stigma that people have when we are sober.”


She added: “F**k off leave them alone. Jordan’s doing himself and enjoying life.

“I know this doesn’t mean that we’re together but Jordan is my best friend and I will defend him till the end.”

June also left a comment supporting Jordan on the post, writing: “Love this yes people on TickTock don’t know who the real Jordan is outside of social media and for us to do Jordan sober. Jordan’s happy, Jordan’s goofy.”

The Mama June: From Not to Hot star concluded: “I’m very proud to call Jordan my best friend nothing more nothing less and I’m proud of him.”


Just days ago, The Sun exclusively shared a look at Jordan’s rap sheet, which includes arrests for domestic assault and for unloading a firearm inside of an apartment. 

Jordan was most recently arrested on November 11, 2020 after he allegedly discharged a highpoint handgun inside of his apartment, according to court documents.  

The criminal complaint against Jordan read that he allegedly “did unlawfully shoot or discharge a firearm, explosive or other weapon which discharges with dangerous projectile, to-wit: Highpoint Handgun, into the apartment.”  

The TikTok star’s apartment was inside of a government subsidized building run by the Guin Housing Authority.  

He is facing two counts in that case, one for a felony charge of discharging a gun in a dwelling as well as misdemeanor for criminal mischief.  

Jordan has plead not guilty to those charges. 


Despite speculation that June and Jordan are dating, the TV personality hit back at fans to set the record straight.

She recently commented in a popular Facebook fan page “Mama June: Road to Redemption,” about her relationship with the young man.   

She said: “Yes with me and Jordan best friends most certainly, are we in a romantic relationship, no, he is the same age is Jessica and yes is he a special part of my life, yes he is.

“Do we communicate all the time yes, but just because I’m a female and he’s a male does not mean that we have a romantic relationship,” she wrote in comments section under an article that was shared from The Sun.

June told Jordan's critics to 'f**k off'


June told Jordan’s critics to ‘f**k off’Credit: mamajune/Instagram
Jordan was recently 'kicked out of rehab'


Jordan was recently ‘kicked out of rehab’Credit: Marion County Sheriff’s Office
The pair have become close since June split from longtime boyfriend Geno Doak


The pair have become close since June split from longtime boyfriend Geno DoakCredit: TikTok

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