Man encounters sea snake while paddleboarding in ocean; watch clip

A video of a man encountering a sea snake while paddleboarding in the ocean goes viral and has left netizens’ spine chilled watching it.

Brodie Moss, who often goes fishing, camping, and paddleboarding in the deep oceans, encountered a sea snake while paddleboarding and has left netizens spine chilled watching it.

In the video, a sea snake can be seen swimming towards Moss’s paddleboard and then lays its head on the board.

However, the snake swims away without hurting him. Watch the spine chilling video:


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Moss shared the video on his Instagram page and explained that Sea snakes usually don’t attack humans. But they become very active, potentially aggressive, and sexually frustrated during this time of year and start searching for a mate.

The video, however, went crazy viral and garnered over 7 lakh views and 69,632 likes.

Netizens were horrified watching the reptile and expressed their opinions in the comment section.

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