Man finds scathing note from wife exposing partner’s double life in charity shop book

A retail worker was left baffled after a charity shop purchase came with an unexpected extra – a note from the previous owner exposing their partner’s “double life.”

Age UK store in York where Dean discovered the note

A man who found a handwritten note in a book he bought at a charity shop has left people heartbroken after sharing its contents online.

Dean Cuthbert bought a copy of ‘The Best A Man Can Get’ by John O’Farrell in an Age UK charity shop in York last week.

Inside, he discovered a scathing note from a woman called Sarah, accusing her partner Chris of leading a double life and deceiving her.

Perhaps tellingly, the book focuses on a character who is leading a double life away from his wife and children.

In the note, Sarah said she was “completely unaware” of his actions as she brought up their children.

The note, handwritten by a woman called Sarah

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And until realising about his antics, the woman believed the reason Chris was away from home so much was that he was “just a workaholic”.

Dean admitted he thought that the note was part of an elaborate publicity stunt for the novel – before the author confirmed on social media that it was not.


It read: “Chris, Is this what you thought you could do with me? Lead a double life with your so-called ‘recreational relationships’.

“Leaving me completely unaware, bringing up our children, and thinking you were just a workaholic and that’s why you were away from home so much.

“What a b*****d you have been to me. Sarah.”

Dean shared images of the note on Facebook prompting hundreds of comments from concerned followers who were keen to find out more.

Speaking about his unusual discovery, Dean, 43, who found the note said: “I must admit at first I thought it was strange.

“I thought it might have been a free gift in a promotional book but the author himself was so surprised I thought not.

O’Farrell has since commented on the strange incident, saying: “I think Sarah’s plan was ‘Chris will read this note and this book and then feel shame’ and Chris just thought ‘Oh, she gave me a book. Well that can go straight to the charity shop…’

Dean was shocked to find the note inside his book.

The Best A Man Can Get by John O’Farrell


The Best A Man Can Get by John O’Farrell)

“I had the double life idea for that book as a sort of metaphor for how fathers of young kids are suddenly very busy at work when babies come along.

“But it seems like someone was doing it literally!”

The post has already racked up more than 600 likes and hundreds of comments since it was shared.

One social media user said: “I hope her revenge didn’t end there.”

Another wrote: “Go Sarah! Go Sarah! I hope she went, and stayed away, bad news buddy, no one needs that s***.”

One user said: “Poor Sarah, wonder what happened next?”

Another added: “Two sides to every story.”

While one group member said: “This is like the start of a film. I’m Team Sarah all the way, hope she’s OK now!”

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