Man gets QR code tattoo which shows he is coronavirus-free, and uses it at McDonald’s

A tattooist has given an Italian client a unique stamp on his arm which proves he does not have coronavirus, meaning he no longer needs to get out his phone to prove it at shops, cafes and restaurants

A man has got a QR code tattoo to prove he does not have Covid-19 (Image: Facebook)

A man has got a tattoo proving he is coronavirus-free – meaning he no longer needs to get out his phone to prove it at shops, cafes and restaurants.

Well-known tattooist Gabriele Pellerone, who has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram, has expertly tattooed a QR code onto the arms of one of his clients in Italy.

When scanned, the code shows the man’s coronavirus Green Pass – the Italian equivalent of the NHS app, which proves that he has been vaccinated, tested negative or recovered from the virus.

The Green Pass certificate was first introduced in Italy in June to facilitate travel in Europe, allow people to take part in large events like weddings, and to provide access to nursing homes.

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Since earlier in August, the pass has also been required to eat indoors in restaurants and is essential for access to places like museums, swimming pools, cinemas, gyms and more.

A video posted on Pellerone’s social media shows that the intricate tattoo actually works, too. In the footage the man walks into a McDonalds, and when scanned the tattoo brings up his coronavirus certification.

In a social media post alongside a video of the tattoos, translated from Italian, Pellerone said: “People get tattooed for different reasons, also to remember a historical period like this, and all that it generated or left along its path.

“Regardless, there is no objective way of seeing things, whether it be for better or for worse, each person has a story to tell and their own way of seeing or interpreting everything, beyond any form of prejudice.”

A look through Gabriele Pellerone’s Instagram page shows his quality with a needle. Images of some of his works show photo-realistic tattoos of tigers, rottweilers, and even young children.

To see all of his work, including the new QR code design, visit his Instagram page here

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