Man Reveals Reason Why He Was Rejected On His First Date And Its Pretty “Dumb” One!!

There are tons of first dates that don’t go the right way and often end with heartbreaks. But, a recent viral video highlights some pretty bizarre reasons for rejection on the first date. 

Recently, a man shocked the netizens with the story of his first rejection on a date. However, the main element that shocked the audience is not the rejection; it’s the reason behind it. 

First dates are not always pleasing, and they don’t assure long-term relationships. People often face rejections. However, recently a viral post stunned the netizens as a man faced rejection on his first date due to something he said in passing. 

Jacques, a Twitter user, recently shared his personal experience of heartbreaking rejection. With a short message from his love interest, he elaborated his story. The message quoted, “Hey man, sorry for not texting till now. I enjoyed our first date last week. However, when you mentioned the phrase: ‘put my thinking cap on, it was unusual for me, so I wasn’t really interested in taking things further.” The lady questioned Jacques on if he knows any soul-funk hip hop disco-type DJs in Manchester.

Recently, Jacques shared this post on his official Twitter handle, captioning it, “Ah, right, ok then.” The netizens were amazed to notice the strange reason for rejection. The post garnered over 128,800 likes and 5,200 retweets with just three days. The post received an insane reaction from the netizens, and most of them passed hilarious comments to the post.

Initially, Jacques did not reply to the message of his love interest. However, when some netizens pushed him to offer a clever answer, he replied, saying the phrase, “ I will have to put my thinking cap on.” Jacques revealed that these acts led his first date to block him on social media. 

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