Man stumps TikTok with toothpick challenge

When someone claims to have defied the laws of reason, it’s probably a good thing to be skeptical.

A TikToker’s viral video has some people baffled and others in on the joke. Alan Liew’s bio says “don’t take my words seriously” — but not everyone heeded his warning. Liew claimed to figure out how to make a square with three toothpicks. But this is something you’ll have to see to believe.

“Took me a while,” Liew wrote in the caption. “Made a square by using three toothpicks.”

In the video, he placed three toothpicks on a table. He then reordered the toothpicks over and over again. In between footage of his trial and error were cuts of his frustrated and confused face. But TikTokers noticed something off about the video: It never actually revealed Liew’s three-toothpick square.

That’s because the video is really a prank. The 11-second video seamlessly loops over and over again as if he’s going to actually figure out the impossible trick. However, Liew never does. Fortunately, TikTokers had a sense of humor about the stunt and weren’t too upset. The clip received 9.2 million views.

“Did anyone else just watch this for a literal hour to see what happens?” a person asked.

“I’ve been here for five minutes. Then looked at the comments,” another realized.

“Still waiting until you get it, bro,” a user commented.

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