Man terrorised by 8ft ‘Bigfoot’ that threw ‘telephone pole-sized’ trees at house

A man has described a terrifying 24-hour encounter that left him fearing for his life when a “Bigfoot” creature supposedly threatened him at his home.

The legendary Bigfoot, also known as a sasquatch, has never been proven to exist but there are countless believers across the world who claimed to have seen it.

One such person is Travis, who claimed to have witness the two-legged hairy creature in Tennessee, US.

Coming home from work late one night, he explained he saw a huge figure jumping out of a bin and scrambling up a hill, pulling over “three nice trees” as it was going up the hill.

“It didn’t take more than two seconds for me to say, ‘well that ain’t no bear’. When something is twice the size of a bear you almost know it immediately,” he said, speaking on the Forest Fleur podcast.

Arriving home from work late, Travis described seeing a ‘huge black creature’, flinging trees at his apartment

Later on that night, Travis said he went out to his porch for a cigarette, before he was threatened again by the beast.

He remembered: “While I was out there, there were at least three or four trees – and I mean full-sized trees – coming crashing down onto the apartment building.

“It sounded like when you’re outside in a thunderstorm… It was obvious that these were telephone pole sized trees, coming down onto the building.”

A 'Bigfoot' creature
Supposed sightings of ‘Bigfoot’ creatures are often reported in the US

So, the next evening, when Travis arrived home from work, he came prepared, parking right next to his apartment door and quickly running inside.

Looking back, he suggested this had been a smart move, saying: “Had I not thought ahead and actually done that, I think something really bad would have happened and I’d have just been a missing person statistic.

“This thing was waiting in the driveway on the path where you would walk down towards my house.

“This giant black shape just stands up out of the bush, and starts moving towards my backyard.

“It was at least 8 feet tall, and in my estimation about 800lb, and it was just a giant black shadow.

It is claimed that people are able to communicate with ‘Bigfoot’ creatures through ‘tree-knocking’

“This thing could literally just grab one end of my torso and just rip me right in half.”

Travis remembered feeling incredibly shaken by the event.

He said: “The one thing you take away from the encounter is the fear factor. People talk about the hairs standing up on the back of your necks…

“I’ve been afraid, but I’ve never felt this fear since or before that.

“I was being hunted. It wasn’t an encounter for me, it was an occasion of when I had become the hunted.”

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