Married At First Sight fans furious as Jordon says Alexis is “aggressive” and feared “she would hit him” on honeymoon

MARRIED At First Sight fans have been left furious after Jordon called his wife Alexis “aggressive” and said he feared she would “hit” him.

Jordon and Alexis were forced to sit side by side and discuss their marriage woes after things went from bad to worse on their Maldives honeymoon.


Jordon said that Alexis was aggressive on the honeymoonCredit: E4
Nikita was left in tears as she argued with Jordon at the commitment ceremony


Nikita was left in tears as she argued with Jordon at the commitment ceremony

Jordon, 27, has clashed with wife Alexis from the start – and the couple have been up and down since their honeymoon in the dream destination.

On Thursday night, the couple were forced to face up to their difficulties, seeing Alexis open up about struggling with Jordon’s attitude.

She told the experts she had been left “hurt” by comments he made over his type – insisting that he was into women that were “blonde and blue eyed”.

Alexis revealed she felt the comments had made her feel insecure and belittled after years of working on her confidence over her appearance.

“I’ve worked so hard to be confident in who I am and what I look like, and it was just constant digs,” she told the group between sobs.

Wiping away tears, she added: “He had no time for me at all.”

But Jordon was having none of it, and piped up to defend himself speaking out the subject, insisting it was Alexis who started the conversation.

Not only that, but dug further into Alexis’ character, calling her “aggressive” and revealing he feared she would hurt him on the honeymoon.

“She was in my face – it was very aggressive,” Jordon said. “I felt vulnerable. I didn’t know if she was going to hit me, if I was to be honest.”

Alexis was left devastated, as she looked up to the ceiling and asked for strength before slamming her husband for “playing the victim”.

“Don’t you dare sit here and say you didn’t know if I was going to hit you to make yourself look and feel better,” she sternly told him.

Fans immediately rushed to social media to agree with Alexis, and verbally lash out at Jordon for suggesting she was an “aggressive” character.

“The only angry aggressive person I see is Jordon. Disgraceful behaviour trying to push that onto Alexis,” one woman wrote.

Another agreed: “She’s passionate, not aggressive, you stupid c***. She’s passionate and fighting for the relationship. Idiot man.”

“He is really gas lighting her and everyone around him,” a third wrote, as a fourth chimed in: “So sick of Jordon using the word aggressive to describe Alexis. So triggering to watch.”

Others speculated that he is “used to little yes girls and not a strong woman who knows her worth” as they begged for “justice for Alexis”.

“There is nothing worse at all than being called aggressive when you show any sort of emotion,” one woman concluded.


Fans were also left horrified as Jordon revealed he kissed MEGAN behind wife Alexis’ back after the explosive dinner party episode.

Shockingly, Megan is still married to nice guy Bob, who has been desperately vying to win her over with his affections but to no avail.

Jordon told cameras that he had connected with Megan after the dinner party – and that they shared a kiss behind-the-scenes.

“I had my eyes on someone at the dinner party – then we got chatting back at the apartment. We had a vibe and great conversation,” he explained.

“We found ourselves alone at one point – one thing led to another and we shared a kiss. I think it’s somebody I want to pursue.”

He went on to walk into one of the neighbouring apartments, where Megan was sitting there waiting for him on the sofa.

Breaking the awkward silence, he looked towards her and said: “I mean it was definitely a good kiss, wasn’t it? It was nice.”

Jordon slammed Alexis as "aggressive" - but fans were having none of it


Jordon slammed Alexis as “aggressive” – but fans were having none of it
Viewers stepped in to defend Alexis on Twitter


Viewers stepped in to defend Alexis on TwitterCredit: E4
Married At First Sight’s Ant is forced to leave after Nikita’s foul-mouthed outburst

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