Marvel fans mad at Disney over lack of ‘Shang-Chi’ promo

The Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom is certainly a strong and powerful one. Social media is coming to the defense of the upcoming film “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” after several fans noted that Disney isn’t putting enough energy into promoting it.

TikTok users have claimed that the lack of marketing for the film seems to have something to do with race.

Marquez Pereira shared his views on the platform and several other fans took to the comments to also question the lack of promo. The video has over 806,000 views and 252,200 likes.

“The fact that ‘Shang-Chi’ is like the least hyped movie feels racially motivated,” Pereira wrote in the quick clip. One user wrote, “They only care about Asians when it’s anime or K-pop … yknow [sic] aesthetic.”

Another TikToker added, “Don’t think it’s racially motivated but I think it’s cause they’re spending so much of [their] teams effort on Disney+.”

“Thank you for our acknowledging our community king 🙁 It’s unfortunate but it’s true,” another viewer chimed in.

Another TikToker named Jillian (@offscreenpodcast) shared a video that also wondered about Disney’s alleged actions. “Is it just me or does it seem like the marketing for this movie is just not happening, like, the only person that’s been hyping it up and posting is the main guy,” she said.

Simu Liu stars in the flick, and while he may be promoting the action movie on his social media, Jillian claims she has not seen other marketing elsewhere.

“[I’ve] never seen any other Marvel actors as enthusiastic as him,” Jillian added. TikToker @slickla34 also shared his thoughts, saying, “Simu Liu has taken the entire Shang-Chi promotional campaign into his own hands at this point.”

“Like it really feels like he’s just doing all the promotional campaign work that Marvel Studios refuses to do for him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Marvel actor this excited to be in a MCU film and someone who is regularly posting about it,” the social media user said in his clip.

He added, “Like I’m so happy that he manifested this as seen on his Twitter, but y’all better go support this man’s film in some way, shape or form whether it be going to the movie theater or watching on Disney+, whatever your options are, don’t let this man down.”

“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” will premiere in theaters on Sept. 3, and will come to Disney+ 45 days later. MCU fans also criticized Disney for having a theater-only release. Other Marvel movies such as “Black Widow” hit the streaming service the same day as their theatrical release.

The Post has reached out to Disney for comment.

Simu Liu stars in the film alongside Awkawafina, Michelle Yeoh and Benedict Wong.
Marvel Studios

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