Matt Hancock sets up GoFundMe and people are paying to leave insulting comments

The former health secretary was brave when he allowed public comments on the page, and now there’s a long list of insults left by people who paid the minimum amount so they could message him

Matt Hancock was very brave when he enabled public comments on his fundraising page

Former health secretary Matt Hancock set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for charity and now people are paying so they can leave insulting comments.

The derided politician is selflessly running the London Marathon to raise money for St Nicholas Hospice Care and set up the page to accept donations.

But he was very brave when he enabled comments on the page, and soon droves of people were contributing the minimum amount, £2, so they could leave their own personal message to Hancock.

Some comments simply insulted him while others pretended to be from colleagues or relatives with sarcastic compliments, and next to none of them were genuine messages of support.

Some of the comments were quite creative



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Hancock set up the GoFundMe page to raise money for St Nicholas Hospice Care, and he will be running the 26 miles of the marathon around the capital on Sunday, October 3.

The page description reads: “I’ve decided to run the 2021 London Marathon in aid of St Nicholas Hospice Care.

“St Nicholas Hospice Care is a fantastic charity working in my constituency of West Suffolk, who look to give help, support and advice to those who are living with long-term and life-threatening illnesses.

“The Hospice sees around 2,000 people each year and any money donated will make a real difference to people’s lives.

“This is my first London Marathon and I’m really excited to take part and raise money for St Nicholas Hospice Care. I have already started my training and hope to keep you all updated with my progress.”

So far, Hancock has raised £2,721, which has been donated by 269 people – most of whom left an insulting message for the MP.

Some were a complete mockery, and very insulting



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One user, named M. Idazolam, said: “Since when did you start caring? Break a leg!”

And another, Jasperpop, added: “Like all your mates paid by us, the actual taxpayer, you are unfit for the job – completely bereft of intelligence or sense. Your entitlement and privilege is nauseating.”

Then, someone with the username Taxpayer chipped in with: “Please make sure this money goes direct to St Nicholas Hospice and the donation process isn’t contracted to your mates.”

Some had a very specific message to say



“You couldn’t run a bath you f*****g useless incompetent f**k weasel,” added Dominic C. “You’ll probably get lost or fall over. Why don’t you just donate all the money you made from your dodgy PPE contracts instead.”

A user named AJ added: “So you finally figured a way to fund health care. Shame you didn’t know when you was Health Secretary. You useless p***k.”

Then, an account set up with the same name as Hancock’s mum, Shirley Carter, wrote: “Well done Matthew! It’s been hard to be proud of you this past year or so, so this is great! Love Mum x.”

While comments were visible on the morning of Thursday, September 2, some started to disappear by the time of writing.

Hancock is MP for West Suffolk, and served as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care from 2018 to 2021, and had previously served as Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in 2018.

But now his public image is in tatters after he was caught on camera cheating on his wife with his aide Gina Coladangelo, and he has since left his family to be with her.

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