McDonald’s fan reveals how to take Big Mac to the next level & the secret is in the bun

If you’re “lovin'” a McDonald’s snack regularly, you’ll be excited to hear this baker’s top tip for dramatically ramping up a Big Mac’s flavour.

According to Jonathan Massaad, a baker by day and self-confessed McDonalds addict at any hour, there’s a simple step that improves the taste sensation in seconds.

Jonathan shows us his bun-flipping technique that maximises the burgers’ tasteCredit: cakemail/Instagram

Jonathan shows his appreciation for the Big Mac's brand


Jonathan shows his appreciation for the Big Mac’s brandCredit: cakemail/Instagram

The 22-year-old focused on the middle bun, which is smothered with the food giant’s legendary Big Mac sauce – and claimed that flipping this upped the “meat-to-sauce” ratio.

“Take the top bun off, get the middle and flip it,” he enthused.

“Now your meat and sauce ratio is a lot better because this bun has no sauce – and now this has all the sauce.”

“The best Big Mac hack ever. Who has tried this before?” he asked followers on his Instagram account.

Some critics argued that he could simply ask for extra sauce, eliminating the need for the trick.

However, as one Instagrammer hit back, “it beats the purpose of the three-layered bun.”

Another enthused, “That’s old school – I’ve been doing it since I was a kid!” His Instagram account, CakeMail, usually advertises his cake delivery service operating out of Melbourne and Sydney, but followers can also benefit from his delicious food hacks too.

We’re lovin’ it!

Jonathan tucks into a burger


Jonathan tucks into a burgerCredit: cakemail/Instagram

A delicious burger waiting to be devoured


A delicious burger waiting to be devouredCredit: Getty

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