McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King customers issued warning over ordering drinks with ice

A fast food worker has claimed that you should never order your drink with ice.

The Dunkin’ Donuts staff member took to TikTok to share the warning, according to Birmingham Live.

They said the warning also applies to any fast food joint you visit – from McDonald’s, to KFC, Burger King, Subway, Five Guys and more.

The Dunkin’ Donuts worker, from the United States, shared how much liquid you actually get if you have ice with your soft drink. And he reckons it isn’t even worth it.

The guy decanted the drink from one cup to another without the ice – and said you actually get about half the amount of liquid.

The warning was shared on TikTok

Eek, sounds a bit like a waste of money!

Some TikTok users said they were left shocked by the revelation.

This led some now saying that they wouldn’t order ice with their drinks on their next visit to Maccies, Burger King or KFC.

However, others suggested they were not surprised by the news.

They said that this has been a tactic of fast food chains for quite some time now.

One Tik Tok user wrote: “That’s why I don’t ask for ice, it takes up too much space and it waters the drink down.”

“I always ask for no ice and then just add ice when I get home,” warned a second.

“Doesn’t surprise me,” added a third.

The news comes as McDonald’s has been hitting headlines after running out of milkshakes in every single UK branch.

Many Maccies fans say they’ve been left “devastated” over the shortage of the beloved drink.

And unfortunately there’s even more bad news for McDonald’s fans as they’re removing six popular items from all UK menus – including the McSpicy.

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