Meet Laura Lentz, Carl Lentz’s Wife

Laura and Carl Lentz met in Sydney, Australia, when Lentz enrolled himself in the Hillsong International Leadership College at the age of 20 (via People). Several years after their marriage in 2003, the couple moved to New York City to help Hillsong founder Brian Houston open and run the New York branch of the megachurch. The Lentz’s have 3 children together—daughters Ava (16) and Charlie (14), and son Roman (11).

Like her husband, Laura Lentz played an integral part in the leadership of Hillsong’s New York branch. She served in the role of Lead Pastor of Sisterhood, and, among other responsibilities, ran a Q&A type program through her Instagram called “Dear Lausie”. Although only Carl Lentz was officially fired from Hillsong church, it appears that it either applied to his wife as well or she took it upon herself to leave independently, as the link to her profile page on the Sisterhood section of the Hillsong website is no longer operational and leads to an error message.

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