Michael Gove was spotted raving and being ‘merry’ in Aberdeen club – and people are loving it

In a video we didn’t know we needed, Michael Gove, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, has been filmed busting out some moves in a nightclub in Aberdeen. Yes, really.

The Tory MP, who was brought up in the Scottish city, was spotted on the dancefloor of Bohemia in the city centre on Saturday night, according to the Daily Record.

One clubber, Emma Lament, who had performed in the building earlier that evening, filmed the “merry” cabinet minister raising his hands, moving them in a robot-like fashion, and a whole host of other dance moves.

“Definitely one of the most surreal events in my life to date. Who knew Michael Glove was a closet raver?!” Lament wrote on Facebook.

“Amazing to see a cabinet minister letting his hair down and promoting a small club night like Pipe. It was an absolutely bangin’ night!

“Big up to everyone involved and Michael Gove for his incredible dance moves.”

The club night itself appreciated the politician popping in too, sharing a post on the social network to say “thanks to all the amazing people, and Michael Gove, who made it out for the first Pipe last night”. They also shared a video of him dancing, entitled: “Gove in the club” (you can watch it here).

In a comment on Lament’s post, the account added that they’re “hoping he sends me the fiver he owes me” (Lament told the Record that it was rumoured that he never paid to get in).

Though we wouldn’t complain, as footage of Gove vibing in the club is, quite frankly, priceless.

And it seems Twitter was loving it as well, as the ridicule – and in some cases, revulsion – soon came Cha Cha Sliding in:

Personally, we’re here for it. Look at him Go(ve)!

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