Michael Jordan’s Look-Alike Grandson Shows His Nose & Lips Sitting in Swing Chair with Mom

Michael Jordan has a look-alike grandson he dotes on; a picture of the little child recently went up on social media, drawing attention to their uncanny resemblance. Meet the youngest member of their clan. 

Michael Jordan became a grandfather for the first time after his daughter and her partner welcomed their son. So far, the child is his only grandson, and the former pro basketball athlete has grown extremely fond of the child. 

Many pictures that have been posted online since the child’s arrival have captured Michael spending time with him, and in interviews, the famous man has been very candid about how much he enjoys his new role as grandfather. 

Michael Jordan takes part in a ceremony honoring the 2020 NBA All-Star game on February 17, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images

Very recently, a picture that captured Michael’s grandchild and his mother Jasmine was shared by her on Instagram. The shot featured mother and son sharing a stylish-looking Swing chair as they enjoyed the fresh air outdoors. 

Jasmine looked wonderful in the shot; she wore a white top coupled with mini shorts that flaunted legs that seemed to go on forever. She complimented the outfit with pink Jordan sneakers. 

Her baby sat next to her; however, only the lower half of his face could be seen because Jasmine had her palm spread out in front of him. The caption that followed was a cryptic question directed at her baby, whom she referred to as “Keemie.” 


Since Jasmine’s child was born, nobody outside the family has seen his full facial pictures. The closest fans had come to seeing the boy’s face was in February when Jasmine took to her Instagram page to share a picture of her father and his grandchild. 

Jasmine and Rakeem became friends first as students, but the relationship did not progress until after college.

The shot captured Michael seated on a chair while his grandson Rakeem Christmas Jr stood before him. Fans could easily make out some part of the boy’s face, including his eyebrows, ears, and forehead. 


Together with Jasmine, Michael has a total of five kids; however, she is the only one who has welcomed a child. Since his arrival, the boy, who she shares with her partner Rakeem Christmas, has worked his way into many hearts, including Michael’s. 

In the past, Michael confessed that he has been having a lot of fun spending time with his grandchild, and the little child does not seem to mind as though well aware he is in the presence of greatness. 

Jasmine believes her son has enabled her to see the softer side of her father and has even admitted once in the past that the little toddler has him wrapped around his little fingers. She is simply glad she gets to witness their relationship blossom. 


Jasmine has been in a longtime relationship with the father of her child for some time now. Rakeem Christmas is a former star player at Syracuse who had a brief NBA career before going on to play overseas.

He attended Syracuse University, where he played as a starter on the school team that reached the final four in 2013. He kept up his stellar performance as a senior in 2015 and moved on to play two seasons in the NBA. 

Jasmine and Rakeem became friends first as students, but the relationship did not progress until after college, when he realized the depth of his feelings for her. 

He got engaged to Jasmine, who graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in sports management in 2018. Since then, fans have been waiting to hear the wedding bells ring to signify the beginning of their forever.

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